What To Look at When Buying Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence Underwear

When buying incontinence products it is important to understand the type of incontinence that you are dealing with. There are many adults that have incontinence and do not properly manage it or people that are unaware mentally of their situation and need the help of a good caregiver. If you are caring for a loved one with incontinence you need to do your research and really understand what your options are for incontinence underwear. There are several options out there, not just the 2 brands that you see in the stores.

Millions of people are suffering from incontinence. Some people deal with it daily while others only see occasional problems. It is common among women to suffer from it, especially as they get older. With so many products on the market how can you select one that works well? First you need to start by understanding the type of incontinence that you are dealing with: http://www.caregiverpartnership.com/landing/incontinence/. There are several different types, some of which can be managed with products and others that may require intervention from a medical expert. Once you have the right diagnosis you can start shopping for products. Your second thing to consider is the amount of leakage you are dealing with. Small amounts of liquid can often cause you to end up with a simple pad where larger amounts will require you to purchase thicker diapers and other things. The third thing to look for is the quality of the materials. Cheaply made materials will leak. You need to look for other options and not just the ones in the drugstore. Shopping online gives you exposure to many new products that can make managing incontinence much easier.

One of the great things about incontinence underwear is that it is very discrete. Many people like it because it does allow you to maintain your dignity. You won’t need to worry about other people noticing that you are wearing the products as they are easy to hide. Some of the underwear even comes in fashionable styles with lace and other colors. This really helps you hide your problem as people will not be able to detect that you have an issue at all.

Washable underwear is very comfortable and affordable. You also have the luxury of wearing your normal underwear and feeling confident that you are protected. It helps to try out some different types of adult underwear to see which ones will protect you the best and will be able to help you avoid embarrassment: http://caregiverpartnership.com/landing/samples/.

Some of the underwear is designed to hold in a pad that you will change out when it gets wet. Other incontinence underwear is used as your regular underwear and it will end up going in place of your underwear and you simply take it off and put on a fresh pair when it has become wet. Changing the underwear is important as you must get the urine off the skin or risk getting a rash. Cleaning the skin also helps as well to avoid a rash but to also avoid other problems like urinary tract infections.

To find the best incontinence products on the market you should use this helpful product tool finder:
http://www.caregiverpartnership.com/incontinence-product-finder/. Here you will be matched up with a variety of incontinence products that will allow you find the correct one for the type of incontinence you have and the amount of urine loss that you are suffering from.

Incontinence doesn’t need to be embarrassing anymore. Thanks to wonderful products it is easy to live with incontinence and to keep it discrete from others.

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