Why Abena adult diapers are the environmentally friendly choice

Environment friendly adult diapers
When many people first begin shopping for an adult diaper they are most likely not particularly concerned about being environmentally correct. However, if you are needing an incontinence product to help you manage your incontinence or that of someone you care for then there is a choice that can help you do that and be environmentally friendly. Abena adult diapers are considered to be the most environmentally friendly adult diaper on the market today. Best of all, not only can Abena adult diapers help you make the environmentally friendly choice in incontinence supplies but they can also provide you with top quality protection and comfort while managing your incontinence. Here is why Abena adult diapers are the environmentally friendly choice-

It all starts with how they are made. Abena adult diapers are made from Scandinavian forests where the law mandates that more trees must be planted then felled. The manufacturers of Abena adult diapers only use environmentally controlled and bleached virgin paper pulp in the manufacturing of their adult diapers. The interior of Abena adult diapers is made from environmentally compatible pulp that is made from the same material as the exterior of the adult diaper. Any plastics that are used in the making of the adult diaper have to be designated both clean and recyclable. The interior of the Abena adult diaper is also made from permeable, super absorbent and high quality materials which minimize both the amount of material that is used as well as the needed production energy. Finally, there is no latex used in the production the Abena adult diaper. All Abena incontinence products are made with Lycra elastic.

The environmentally correct choices don’t just stop with what the Abena adult diaper is made of but rather continue to the entire production process. All Abena incontinence supplies are made in plants where the focus is to use the resources as effectively as possible. The management of Abena works to minimize production wastes to the lowest levels and avoid generating any waste that is not truly necessary. All plastic that is used in the manufacturing process is recycled.

The manufacturers of the Abena adult diaper also strive to use as little material as possible when it comes the making of the adult diaper. This results in an adult diaper that is not only using fewer resources but is slimmer and more comfortable for the wearer. Since many adult diapers have a bulky appearance and make a rustling noise when the wearer moves around this makes Abena adult diapers highly favorable over other brands. Abena manufacturers also include the working relationship with their suppliers when it comes to their environmentally friendly actions. They only use suppliers who provide the super absorbent, recyclable materials that they need. In addition, their suppliers are required to use alternative packaging material in order to cut down on waste. Finally Abena manufacturers actually generate energy in their plants through the controlled burning of incontinence products.

Once you know how environmentally friendly the Abena adult diaper is it is important to keep in mind that you are also gaining true quality in choosing this type of adult diaper. Abena adult diapers offers a full range of sizes that allow people of all sizes to find the adult diaper that fits them the best. Since fit is such an important component in how well the adult diaper works this is especially important. Abena adult diapers also offer several layers of absorbencies that are comfortable and discreet for anyone with incontinence to use. This makes Abena adult diapers not only an environmentally friendly choice in incontinence products but an effective one, as well.


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