All About Incontinence Products For Men

Physician Asst.
Dianna Malkowski
The most common thinking about incontinence is that it is strictly a woman’s problem. Many people assume that women are more likely to get incontinence due to the stress and trauma of pregnancy and childbirth. While this is correct (many women do end up with incontinence due to these factors), it may surprise you to learn that many men are also dealing with incontinence. While women still make up the majority of incontinence sufferers there is a sizeable minority of incontinence sufferers who are men. This has led to the need for the development of incontinence products for men.
Today, the manufacturers of incontinence supplies understand that there is a need for incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women. This allows the men who are dealing with incontinence to find incontinence supplies that will give them the incontinence protection that they need where they need it. The good news is that whether a man with incontinence chooses to use an incontinence pad or a adult diaper there are several different incontinence products for men to choose from. Here is a brief overview of some of the most widely used-
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  • Adult diapers/incontinence undergarments-There is many different styles of adult diapers and incontinence undergarments for men. For men with light to moderate incontinence there are even incontinence underwear that can be worn in various styles and colors. Many men with incontinence even feel confident wearing these incontinence undergarments in the locker room without fear of others noticing they are wearing incontinence underwear. For men with more severe incontinence there are different styles of adult diapers that can help to manage their incontinence. This type of incontinence product for men includes: adult diapers that come in a pull up style to ones that use tape fasteners on the sides. 
  • Penile clamps-While at first glance this can seem like an unlikely choice when it comes to incontinence products for men you may be surprised to learn that many men use them regularly and appreciate the ease of them. Penile clamps are also called external compression devices. This type of incontinence product for men works by temporarily closing off the urethra and stopping any leakage. It should be stressed that this type of incontinence product for men should never be used more then a couple of hours at a time and should never be uncomfortable. Prolonged use of this type of incontinence product has been shown to cause damage and should be avoided. 
  • Incontinence pads for men-There are many different types of incontinence pads for men. It should be stressed that this type of incontinence product for men has been designed specifically to manage incontinence and men should never assume that something else will work as well. Male incontinence pads are designed to absorb urine and many come with odor protection built in which can make wearing and using one of these incontinence pads much more confidence boosting. Many men find that simply using an incontinence pad inside their normal underwear is all the incontinence protection they need to stay clean, minimize odor, and protect skin. 
  • Drip collectors/Guards for men-These types of incontinence products for men also fall under the category of incontinence pads but work a little differently. Many men with light incontinence find that using a drip collector can help them to manage their incontinence effectively. A drip collector goes around the penis and has a padded sheath shape. It is highly absorbent and can absorb a great deal of urine making it a highly effective incontinence product for men. Finally, another type of male incontinence product is the guard. This incontinence product is thicker and works like a incontinence pad that bends up and around the penis. 
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