What types of incontinence products does the Tena line offer?

Incontinence Products

One of the first decisions that anyone with incontinence needs to make involves finding the right incontinence product. The good news is that there have never been so many different kinds of incontinence supplies on the market as there are today. However, this can also be the bad news. With so many choices many people are overwhelmed trying to find the right incontinence products or adult diaper to use. Health experts who deal with incontinence recommend taking the time to investigate different lines of incontinence products. One of the most popular and widely used lines of incontinence products is made by Tena. The Tena protective underwear line offers many different solutions for helping to manage incontinence. here is what you need to know to answer the question- What types of incontinence products does the Tena line offer?
  • Tena pads-It is important to keep in mind that not all incontinence is the same. For many people the problems of incontinence involve only leaking versus a complete lack of urinary or bowel control. This makes the need for incontinence protection much lighter. Tena pads come in a variety of different styles, lengths, and absorbencies. This type of incontinence product can be used inside normal underwear or used in conjunction with Tena diapers or Tena protective underwear. In addition, Tena incontinence products offer Tena pads for men and Tena pads for women. This allows the user of the Tena pads to use the incontinence pad that will give them the protection where they need it the most. Finally, Tena pads come in a variety of different absorbencies that can go from day to night. Users of Tena pads can choose from ultra thin and light Tena pads all the way to Tena Flex Maxi pads that offer the highest degree of protection in incontinence pads. Some Tena pads also come with Aloe Vera to help protect the skin of the wearer and cut down on the rashes and possible infection that can result when skin is exposed to urine and fecal matter. There is another type of incontinence pad that can be used as well. Tena incontinence products offer a Tena Extra under pad that can be placed on furniture and bedding to help protect against accidents. Many people find this incontinence product very beneficial in helping to manage incontinence.
  • Tena diapers-There is also a wide variety of Tena diapers to choose from. People with heavy incontinence often choose adult diapers for the level of incontinence protection that they provide. Tena diapers come in a variety of styles and absorbency levels that allow the person who chooses this type of incontinence product to find the adult diaper that works best for them and meets their needs in terms of managing their incontinence.
  • Tena protective underwear-This type of incontinence product is specifically made to look and feel like normal underwear. Tena protective underwear is made for both genders. This means that Tena protective underwear for women and Tena protective underwear for men can meet the specific needs of each gender and offer them the highest degree of protection due to the design of the incontinence product. Tena protective underwear and be pulled on and off like normal underwear but it also has tear away sides. This allows for ease of wearing and ease of removal. Many individuals who are still active and mobile choose Tena protective underwear because of the discretion and comfort that can be had when wearing this incontinence product under normal clothing. Tena protective underwear comes in a variety of styles and absorbency levels, as well which allows every wearer to choose the style and absorbency they need for help in managing their incontinence.


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