Tips for using Poise pads to manage lighter incontinence

Poise Pads

When people think of incontinence they automatically assume that it is all the same. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are various types of incontinence along with various degrees of severity. People with incontinence may have stress, urge, overflow, or functional incontinence or even a combination of a couple of different types. They may have incontinence for a variety of reasons as well. Many women suffer from incontinence from the stress and damage that pregnancy and childbirth can bring on while many men have incontinence as a result of prostate problems. Most importantly, it should be stressed that incontinence can be anything from slight leakage to a complete lack of bladder or bowel control.

Because of the many variables in incontinence (type, cause, severity etc.), there have been many different incontinence supplies developed to help deal with them. Many people mistakenly assume that when they are diagnosed with incontinence that they will need to wear an adult diaper. This is not necessarily true. While an adult diaper can provide a high degree of protection from leakage and accidents many people do find the right management strategy is to use incontinence pads. Poise incontinence pads are one of the most popular brands that are being used by those people who have lighter incontinence. The wide variety of incontinence pads that Poise offers allows the user to choose the incontinence pad(s) that works best for them.

It should be stressed that incontinence pads are not the same as menstrual pads. Many people mistakenly believe that they can effectively use menstrual pads to manage their incontinence. It is important to understand that incontinence pads such as Poise pads are specifically made to help control, capture, and deal with incontinence fluids and therefore can help manage incontinence much more effectively. Poise pads can be bought on many online sites that offer adult incontinence products.  It should also be noted that there are certain tips that can make using Poise pads more effective. Here are some tips for using Poise pads to manage lighter incontinence-
  • Choose the right length for you-Many people believe that size only matters if you are choosing an incontinence undergarment. However, the makers of Poise pads understand that due to body size  the users of their incontinence pads may need different lengths. There is a variety of different lengths that will allow you to choose the Poise pad that will give you the most coverage and leave you feeling confident that you are getting as much protection as you need from your incontinence pad.
  • Choose the absorbency that you need-As stated above not all incontinence is the same. This is true even within the category of lighter incontinence. Many people may need protection from only light bladder leaks while others may be needing heavier protection. Poise pads allow you to choose from incontinence pads that come in a range of absorbencies from ultra thin to ultimate coverage. This allows the user of the Poise pads to choose what type of incontinence pad they need at any given time. It should be noted that the needs of even those with light incontinence can change from day to night and even from day to day so health experts recommend having a couple of different types of incontinence pads on hand to meet your incontinence management needs.
  • Choose the shape that you need-Poise pads take it even a step further then just length and absorbency. Users of Poise pads can choose the shape of pad that is most comfortable for them to wear. Poise pads offer hourglass shapes that prevent bunching as well as incontinence pads with wings that can be fastened to normal or incontinence underwear for extra protection.


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