Why caregivers should consider using Tranquility adult diapers

Tranquilitly Adult Diapers

Caregivers face a myriad number of issues when they are caring for a loved one with incontinence. Incontinence can be an even more complicated issue at nighttime when the loved one may need more incontinence protection. There is no denying that incontinence can be a difficult topic to bring up to your loved one but effective care needs to be based on open and loving communication. In addition, caregivers should consider using Tranquility adult diapers to help manage nighttime incontinence. Here is why caregivers should consider using Tranquility adult diapers-
  • Tranquility adult diapers offer the highest levels of absorbency and nighttime protection-Tranquility adult diapers are designed with the absorbency that is needed to give extra nighttime protection. When this protection is in place the material inside the Tranquility adult diaper wicks the moisture away from delicate skin keeping it trapped inside the adult diaper which not only prevents accidents but protects the delicate skin of the wearer. Since many older adult who require care giving have fragile health this is an important consideration in a nighttime incontinence product.
  • Tranquility adult diapers offer easy to remove adult diapers to aid caregivers in the changing of a loved one-Many times those individuals who need senior care also require changing when their adult diaper has become wet or soiled. This can be a difficult task for care givers. However, Tranquility adult diapers offer tear-away side seams for easy removal. This can make the task of changing your loved one go much faster and easier which helps get everyone back to sleep quickly.
  • Tranquility incontinence products include other incontinence supplies that can help the caregiver give better incontinence care-Managing nighttime incontinence goes far beyond just using Tranquility adult diapers. There are other incontinence supplies that can help to make nighttime incontinence much more manageable and easier on both the caregiver and the person with incontinence. One of these incontinence products is the Tranquility Topliner Booster pad. This incontinence pad adds an extra layer of protection inside the Tranquility adult diaper that help to keep the wearer better protected and sleeping through the night. In addition, Tranquility also offers the Tranquility Under pad that has tape tabs on all four corners. This helps to hold the incontinence under pad securely in place on bedding and furniture.
Besides using Tranquility adult diapers there are other tips that can help caregivers manage nighttime incontinence. These tips are-
  • Have plenty of Tranquility adult diapers, Tranquility under pads, and if needed Tranquility Topliner Booster pads on hand. This way you won’t be stumbling around in a dark house trying to find the incontinence supplies that you need. If you need to help your loved one get changed having the needed incontinence products right at hand along with an extra set of nightclothes can make the process go faster and smoother and allow everyone to get back to sleep as soon as possible.
  • Help your loved one make the necessary dietary changes-Many times’ incontinence can be controlled and reduced by simple dietary changes. Caregivers can help their loved ones make these changes which will lessen nighttime incontinence. Reducing liquids later on in the day and avoiding any foods that can act as bladder irritants can go a long way toward lessening the problem of nighttime incontinence.
  • Reassure your loved one that it is not their fault. Most incontinence is caused by a medical problem. Incontinence in and of itself is only a symptom of that medical problem. Letting your loved one know that you are there to help and assist them can go a long way toward making a difficult situation easier. 


Anonymous said...

My son is 18 and incontinent. His doctor told him he will out grow this, but we are still waiting. He tries to take care of himself, but his brother helps him get ready for bed. His brother used to wet himself, but out grew it by age 10. Tranquility ATN adult diapers are very absorbent and great for evening use. He does not get diaper rash, because Tranquility diapers hold up even when diaper rash cream is used. He uses ATN diapers with an additional hospital tape for occasional daytime use when we travel. The hospital tape comes from any supply company, is cheap, and prevents the diaper tapes from coming loose. Tranquility ATN diapers are a little expensive, but we he does not have to use plastic pants any more, and his bed is almost always dry. Thank God he sleeps on his back. His brother always sleeps on his side, and his diapers always leaked. We did not know about Tranquility diapers when my oldest was still bed wetting.

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