How to use adult diapers with discretion

Adult Diapers

One of the biggest concerns that is felt by people who are using adult diapers to manage their incontinence is how to do so without everyone knowing. Incontinence sufferers want to be able to deal with their incontinence without everyone around them knowing they are wearing an adult diaper. They often struggle to find incontinence supplies that will help them to manage their incontinence with discretion. However, the good news is that today there is a large variety of incontinence products from adult diapers to incontinence pads that will help you to manage your incontinence in comfort and with discretion. Here is what you need to know about how to use adult diapers with discretion-
  • Have a plan-It’s hard to be discrete about anything if you don’t have a plan in mind. If you are worried about being discrete at work then know where the restrooms are that are the least used and where you can easily dispose of used adult diapers. If you are worried about being discrete in a social setting then take plenty of incontinence products with you since that will help you to be prepared no matter what the variables are. The bottom line is that having a plan will help you to maintain the discretion that you want while wearing adult diapers.
  • Choose incontinence products that are easy to hide-Many times adult diapers come in bulky or even brightly colored packages. This makes it hard to conceal the extra adult diapers that you will need to take with you for changing. In addition, the bulky packaging can be noisy to unwrap. Worse yet, many adult diapers are unnecessarily bulky when worn which means that the wearer will need to carefully choose what type of adult diaper they use. You will want to try several different styles of adult diapers to see what fits best underneath your clothes and stays streamlined to avoid detection.
  • Think about disposal-You can take lots of steps to wear an adult diaper with discretion but if you have to dispose of them in public view after you change then it defeats the purpose of being discrete. There are disposal bags that can help you to get rid of wet or soiled adult diapers with discretion. Even better many of them come with scent to help disguise what you are doing. Taking the time to consider disposal will help you to continue managing your incontinence with discretion.
  • Choose the right type of incontinence products and adult diapers-The most important thing that you need to do is to choose the right type of adult diapers. If you wear adult diapers that are bulky and you can see them under your clothes then you won’t be as discrete as you want to be. Today, there are many adult diapers that look very similar to regular underwear. When this type of adult diaper is worn it is very hard to see that an incontinence product is being used. Today, you can even find adult diapers that come in different styles and colors which also make them easier to hide.
  • Wear the right type of clothes-If you want to be discrete about the fact that you are wearing adult diapers then you will need to wear the right type of clothes. You should make sure that you are wearing clothing that is comfortable so that you are not pulling at it in order to adjust it for your adult diaper. In addition, you should make sure that you are not wearing pants that show your underwear when you bend over or make sure that you have a belt on. It can also be helpful to wear shirts that are longer or tucked in order to make sure that your adult diaper is not showing.



Chris Challe said...

I have been able to be pretty discrete with my adult diapers. The bulkier ones are a little hard to hide though.

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