Tena Pads And Light Incontinence

TENA brand is a good choice

When people are dealing with light incontinence problems, using Tena pads can provide you with great protection against the embarrassment that can come with incontinence. Tena pads can make a very big difference in the lives of men and women who wear them. This article will explore how Tena pads work for both men and women and explain how they can help elderly people enjoy activities well into their waning years.

Incontinence can happen at any time and at any place. When you have a bladder that suddenly releases urine without warning, it can leave you in a position where you are incredibly embarrassed and mortified by your situation. Using a light incontinence pad is a great way to aid in protecting you when you have small drips of urine releasing from your urine.

Tena pads for men help deal with a wide variety of light incontinence issues. Sometimes, a male will have incontinence due to a medical condition. He may have a stroke and lose partial control of the nerves that govern that part of the body. Sometimes, light incontinence just happens as a person ages and their muscles begin to degrade. Whatever the case, Tena pads can help men who suffer from light incontinence. Light incontinence is often urinary-related and pads help a man control his bladder. Tena pads for men are very affordable and provide a wide array of protection for various degrees of light incontinence. Sometimes, a male will have prostate surgery. A Tena pad can also help deal with any leakage that may occur as a result of the surgery. Tena pads for men are very sanitary and can help a man retain a very high level of activity in his life.

Women also can use Tena pads for their incontinence. Tena pads are shaped differently for women because of their anatomical differences from men. Tena pads for women are designed to help shield from light urinary incontinence and can help in other feminine hygiene matters, too. As a woman ages, her ability to control her bladder can decrease as a result of a wide array of medical issues. Sometimes, the bladder may just not respond as quickly as it used to. On other occasions, a stroke or neurological damage can result in light incontinence issues for women. In any case, Tena pads are a great way for a woman to live actively well into her twilight years.

Tena pads, for both sexes, are designed to be used for light incontinence. Light incontinence is most often defined as being the inability to control one’s bladder. Sometimes, a person will lose control of their bladder when they are active. When a person loses control of their bladder, or has another issue due to surgery, a pad from Tena can help capture some of the liquids that may be released during an accident. Tena is a very strong company and stands behind their pads. Originally an innovator in diapers, they have extended their fine line of products to include pads for people who do not require the strength of diapers.

People who suffer from light incontinence can benefit from having a fine Tena pad in their panties. Tena pads are very useful for someone who loses control of their bladder momentarily. You cannot see Tena pads through most outer layers of clothes due to the thinness of the pads. The pad is very thin and protects against light incontinence. While wearing a Tena pad, a person can play tennis and do a wide variety of things that they typically enjoyed throughout their life. Tena pads are a great product and will help your loved one maintain a certain level of activity well into their later years.

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