New Flatulance Filtering Underwear for IBS Suffers and Others

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For sufferers of bad flatulence caused by Crohn's Disease, IBS and other gastric disorders, often the use of certain flatulence treatments fail to remedy the problem. Flatulence medicine like charcoal biscuits or charcoal tablets can in some cases offer little or no effect against excessive flatulence.

Shreddies Intimate Apparel has the solution. Using a unique method of filtration using activated carbon cloth, Shreddies underwear can remove the malodorous gases from the most severe flatulence and filters odors 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission.
Not only do they offer relief to those with flatulence problems, but in the case of the men's support and adjustable support boxers, they can also give testicular and groin support, for hernia patients.


Who can benefit from Shreddies flatulence filtrating underwear?

Anybody who suffers from excessive or malodorous flatulence can benefit from Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. Sufferers of IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Functional Dyspepsia, Hypersensitive Colitis, Peptic Ulcers or Food Intolerances often suffer from excessive flatulence due to the nature of their conditions.

Excessive flatulence can be extremely embarrassing for many people and can genuinely affect their quality of life. Many sufferers find themselves unable to take part in things that most people take for granted, be it going out for dinner, getting on an aeroplane or even simply socializing with others. Many find that the symptoms of their condition can hold them back at work, rendering them unable to meet their full potential.

In many cases, simply not having to worry about excessive flatulence can help to improve a persons condition. Anxiety can create chemical changes in your body which can affect your digestive system, exacerbating a persons condition.

Shreddies is for all these people, to give them the reassurance and confidence to go out and live their lives, free from the restrictions that excessive flatulence poses.

Due to the design of the Men’s Support Boxers, these styles can benefit patients suffering from hernias and scrotal hernias as they offer support that can help make the patient as comfortable as possible. Some of our customers have bought these styles for this exact purpose and have commented on how successful they are at giving them the support they need and thusly reducing pain.

A snug fit is key to the products success

So how does this underwear filter flatulence?

Shreddies underwear features a special activated carbon back panel that absorbs flatulence odors. Due to its highly porous nature, the odor vapors become trapped and neutralized by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment.

Activated carbon cloth is used in chemical warfare suits which demonstrates just how effective it is at removing vapors. When it was originally invented, the carbon cloth was a heavy, non flexible woven material, but due to a recent innovation this activated carbon cloth is now a lot thinner and far more flexible, making it ideal for use in the new generation of chemical warfare suits and garments such as our underwear.

The activated carbon cloth in our underwear is not a small replaceable panel that needs changing regularly, but runs the full width of the back panel.

The underwear is designed to hug the body to give the carbon back panel a snug fit, forcing all flatulence odors to pass directly through it, allowing you to relax knowing there is no risk of any flatulence odors escaping.  They will remove sulphide and ethyl mercaptan so efficiently that they can filter odors 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission. The fabric remains effective for the life of the garment (2 to 3 years) providing conditioner is not used, which clogs up the tiny pores. 

The efficacy of the underwear is more dependent on fit than anything else. As long as the carbon back panel is held snugly to the body over the buttocks and under the gusset, flatulence will pass through the panel and be completely filtered. If the underwear are too large they are less effective as flatulence can escape in certain body positions and if the back panel is damp the carbon's pores are filled with water droplets and the filtration properties are markedly reduced. For this reason we recommend drying on medium heat in a tumble dryer or drying on a radiator.

These new Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear will be available at The CareGiver Partnership in October in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for both men and women.

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