What to consider when buying Tena incontinence products

Tena Incontinence Products

It can seem like an impossible task to choose the right incontinence product for yourself or someone who is in your care. However, with some simple guidelines you can choose the incontinence supplies that will work best in dealing with any type of incontinence. Many incontinence sufferers turn to using incontinence products that are part of the Tena line. This line of incontinence products features many different types of incontinence supplies and adult diapers which give those dealing with incontinence lots to choose from. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind before choosing the first Tena incontinence product you come across. Here is what to consider when buying Tena incontinence products-
  • The level of incontinence-One of the first things that you should consider when you are buying incontinence products for yourself or someone else is the level of incontinence. It is important to keep in mind that not all incontinence is the same. There is a range of incontinence that can be from slight leakage to a complete lack of urinary or bowel control. This means that it is critical to choose an incontinence product that will provide the desired level of protection based on the severity of the incontinence. Some incontinence sufferers may be all right using a Tena pad inside normal underwear while others may need Tena diapers or Tena protective underwear that can be worn both day and night. It should also be noted that incontinence needs can vary from day to night and even from day to day which means the wearer of the incontinence products may need different levels of absorbency from their Tena incontinence products at different times.
  • The activity level of the wearer-Another important consideration before buying Tena incontinence products is the level of activity of the wearer. For those with incontinence who are still fully mobile and active they will be looking for an incontinence product that can be worn under normal clothing as they go about their daily activities. For those incontinence suffers who may be suffering from a lack of mobility, be bedridden, or need care giving help in managing their mobility they may be looking for a Tena incontinence product that offers convenience over fashion. The good news is that with such a wide range of incontinence products the Tena protective underwear line can offer an incontinence product that is right for everyone who is looking to manage their incontinence.  There is Tena protective underwear products that look and feel like normal underwear and allow those with incontinence who are still active to continue on with normal activities. Tena diapers also offer easy to put on and remove adult diapers that can allow those with limited mobility or those with incontinence who are receiving care giving to manage their incontinence with ease and convenience.
  • The health status of the wearer-It is also important when choosing the right Tena incontinence product to take the health status of the wearer into consideration. Many times incontinence is temporary while other times the incontinence of the individual may grow worse from a medical condition such as: Alzheimer’s or dementia. This is an important consideration to take into account because the health status of the person wearing the incontinence product will play a part in how effective it will be in providing protection from accidents. The good news is that the Tena protective underwear line offers every type of incontinence product that could be needed. From Tena pads to Tena diapers the right type of incontinence product can be found to help manage the incontinence of any affected individual.


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