Adult Underwear For Those Who Suffer From Incontinence

Adult Underwear for those with Incontinence
Wearing adult underwear that captures urine is important to individuals with incontinence. Those of us who wear regular underwear every day do not often know that we are wearing them because we are used to them. Regular adult underwear can be sleek, comfortable, and make wearing clothes a comfortable experience. Some people, however, suffer from incontinence and cannot wear regular adult underwear. This article will briefly explore the tenets of the various adult underwear products that are available to sufferers of incontinence.

  • Adult diapers are the most common type of adult underwear that sufferers of incontinence can wear. These products are similar to child diapers. They are cheap and affordable and give the sufferer of incontinence the means to stay dry when they have to go to bed. Adult diapers are worn by those who are likely bedridden or wheelchair bound. Just because a person has to wear adult diapers does not mean that their incontinence is a regular thing. Their incontinence may be the result of something that is short-term in nature. Adult incontinence is often relieved by Kegel exercises, a type of exercise that works the abdominals and helps a patient get control of their bladder and bowels back.
  • There are a few types of accessories out there called pads. These pads are designed to go into a person’s underwear and are very important for helping a sufferer of incontinence maintain a normal lifestyle. Those who suffer from incontinence should not have to give up wearing their normal underwear or quit an activity. People who suffer from incontinence can wear incontinence pads in their regular underwear and go about their daily life without noticing the difference. If they have a minor accident, resulting from the loss of their ability to control their bladder, they will not know that this pad is in their underwear giving them a layer of needed protection.
  • Adult pull-ups are the next most common type of adult underwear products for those who suffer from incontinence. Just because a person suffers from incontinence does not mean that they have to give up their social life. While pull-ups are not good for physical activity, a person can still enjoy their social life. Pull-ups are thin and sport an absorbent core material that can capture and store the material from an accident before they need changed out.

These types of adult underwear are mostly designed for people who are in their middle ages who may need to have a little bit of help after a medical condition causes them to experience incontinence. Incontinence is often caused as a short-term condition. People who wear these kinds of adult underwear products often can do some short-term therapy to help retrain their muscles. Retraining muscles with Kegel exercises can help a person get their continence back. The adult underwear discussed above can also control incontinence that is long-term. If a person is paralyzed partially, they could use any of the products depending on how much control they still have over their bodily functions.

Those of us who enjoy regular adult underwear do not often have the chance to appreciate the struggles of those who have to wear incontinence adult underwear. Incontinence is a very unfortunate situation that can arise from a wide variety of medical conditions. When you have to wear a wide array of underwear that is related to incontinence, you are often frustrated by the lack of comfort and discreteness that they provide. Those of us who get to wear regular adult underwear have a wide array of options and comforts available for us. Adult underwear for incontinence, however, is not as comfortable, but offers important protection.


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