Using adult underwear as part of incontinence treatment

Incontinence Treatment

One of the first things that someone who is experiencing incontinence should do is call their doctor. It is crucial to understand that incontinence in and of itself is not a disease but most often is a symptom of an underlying medical problem. This makes it very important that anyone who is experiencing incontinence contact their health care professional right away. Many people let fear or embarrassment keep them from seeking out medical care and this is always a mistake. The bottom line is that seeking out treatment for your incontinence symptoms as soon as you begin experiencing them usually results in cheaper, faster, and more effective treatment.

Many people assume that incontinence is a normal part of aging. It cannot be stressed enough that incontinence is never normal no matter your age or health status. Today, doctors understand that this is a medical issue and treat it as such. If your doctor wants to write off your incontinence symptoms as part of aging or does not take them seriously you should seek out another doctor. There is a wide variety of medical treatments that are available to treat incontinence. Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment based on the cause and type of your incontinence. However, it should be stressed that incontinence treatment can be lengthy. While you are actively pursuing incontinence treatment you will need to select adult underwear that can be worn as an incontinence undergarment.

You will need to find the right incontinence undergarment that will meet your needs. For some people this means using incontinence underwear while others may choose an adult diaper. All of these incontinence products fall under the category of incontinence undergarments. If you are just beginning the search for an incontinence undergarment you should take the time to really educate yourself about the different styles, types, and absorbencies that are available so that you will choose the right one for you and your incontinence needs. Once you have become acquainted with what types of incontinence undergarments are available it will make your choice easier. The next step is to determine what size, gender type, and absorbency level you will need. Keep in mind that not all incontinence undergarments come in every size, gender, and absorbency so you will need to find the one that meets most of your needs. You should also keep in mind that most likely you will need a different absorbency at night then what you wear in the day. Also, you may find that your need for incontinence protection varies from day to day so you should be prepared to address that as well.

Once you have the right adult underwear you will be better able to focus on your incontinence treatment. There are many different aspects to incontinence treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you use any or all of the following methods of incontinence treatment. These methods include but are not limited to-
  • Lifestyle and dietary changes-This can include participating in regular exercise and making dietary changes. If you smoke your doctor will most likely recommend that you stop smoking immediately.
  • Behavioral therapies-This can include but is not limited to bladder training and keeping a voiding diary.
  • Exercises and physical therapy-This will include doing Kegel exercises and other exercises that can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Medications-There are certain medications that can be used to treat different kinds of incontinence.
  • Surgery-This option is usually only done as a last resort when all other treatment options have failed or when there has been an injury to the pelvic region that can be repaired.


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