What Caregivers Should Know About Bowel Incontinence

Speak with your doctor to determine cause.
If you are the caregiver of an elderly loved one, you may be facing the challenge of dealing with bowel incontinence. Fecal incontinence can be embarrassing, and many caregivers are hesitant in discussing this problem, with the elderly loved ones, for fear of humiliating them. However, this is never a good solution. It is also important not to shy away from talking to their senior’s doctor. Many treatments (some of them simple) are available that can improve, if not correct, fecal incontinence. The first step is to understand what could be causing the bowel incontinence.

What Caregivers Need to Know About Aging

Caretaking affects all of us.
Many caregivers feel unprepared, to take on the demands of caring for an elderly loved one. Aging is a emotionally filled subject, and many people are hesitant to discuss all of the ramifications. The bottom line is that if you become the caretaker for an elderly loved one, you will need to understand the aging process, and how it eventually affects all of us. This way you can try to meet the needs of the senior in your life, with both compassion and understanding. Here is what caregivers need to know about aging.