Behind The Old Face

Meet Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCN, Author, Speaker, Consultant  and Senior Advocate.

In her book, Behind the Old Face, Angil shares her experience of every senior who has been unheard, neglected, abused, and tossed aside as something less than a person, like you or me, but with many more years of wisdom, struggles, accomplishments, achievements and service to you, and I, our generation, and those after us. 

Carlton, the inspiration for Behind The Old Face
One day, if we’re blessed enough to live to old age, we will be seniors, hoping we will be heard, validated, respected and cared for. We’ll hope we’ve made some kind of contribution while we were here, and those that look at us will see Behind the Old Face.

Behind the Old Face is her vision to change the perception of seniors, particularly in the medical community.  The inspiration for the book is my late friend Carlton, and nearly 30 years of joy, and tears working with seniors.  My goal is to change the thoughts, hearts, and minds of those working in healthcare, which will improve the dignity, respect and care of our society’s elders.


Watch this video and you will be touched.


As you read Behind the Old Face and the stories of the people in it, you will and should experience a myriad of emotions. Angil shares amazing stories she has ever heard from the lives of seniors she has been privileged enough to know and spend time with.

These aren’t famous people with newsworthy stories that you would think are amazing, these are everyday stories. These are the life stories of your parents, grandparents, neighbors, aunts and uncles, the old man driving too slow, the grey old woman that you have to wait on in the store, the patient you have to feed, or change, the Alzheimer’s patient that is difficult, and the dementia patient that asks the same question over and over. These people are us.

They are us with many more years of life behind them. You will read about their challenges, dreams, achieved or not, their contributions and accomplishments, their service to our country, or to a cause, the devastations and joy they have experienced, their thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and their points of view of what it’s like to be a senior today.

Angils Senior Living and Care Vision
If communities would take time to develop and organize they could answer so many needs of aging adults.

Many aging adults stay healthy and active. Others are not as fortunate.

The inherent thing that binds us is a need to feel valued, a need to have a purpose, and the need to feel a sense of belonging. Many aging adults are socially isolated and suffer from depression. Having a sense of value, belonging and community would reduce depression. Active, healthy aging adults want to remain that way and giving them a sense of purpose and fulfilling work would help them remain healthy for a longer period of time. For so many, it's when life gets stagnant and unsociable that they begin to decline.

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