The CareGiver Partnership Joins Forces With Caregivers' Monday

The CareGiver Partnership has joined forces with The Monday Campaigns – a non-profit organization that centers on the use of Monday as the nationally recognized day, every week, dedicated to increasing health awareness, empowerment and action.  The latest Monday Campaign is Caregivers’ Monday created to help convince caregivers to set aside Monday as the day to care for themselves.

Google Health: 2008 to 2012. R.I.P.

Google is shutting down Google Health. The first question is why and what went wrong? Google is going to retire Google Health because it didn't catch on.  So where do we go from here if Google couldn't pull this off?

NEW Service! Help With Medical Bills And Health Insurance Headaches

Lynn Wilson,
Founder, The CareGiver Partnership

Do you have a medical bill issue that you are struggling to resolve? Do you have a loved one that needs special care? Have you been diagnosed with a health condition and need to find a specialist? 

At some point in our lives, we will all need to navigate the complex healthcare system. To help, we are pleased to announce a new healthcare help service being offered to our members at a special rate. 

Plantar Fasciitis: A Simple Tool to Help

Commonly referred to as heel spurs, current studies support that the pain comes from the soft tissue structure called the plantar fascia.  

Tightness in this band and the attached structures (the calf most notably) lead to microtears in the area where the band attached to the heel most commonly.

Nighttime Safety: Preventing Falls With Lighting, Furniture Arrangement, Etc.

Preventing Nighttime Falls
One of the biggest challenges when caring for the elderly is putting measures in places that will help prevent nighttime falls. Nighttime safety can be a major challenge when you are caring for an older family member, friend, or patient. Many times these seniors will arise from their bed being slightly disoriented and without the proper care having been taken may then experience a devastating fall. These falls can result in serious injuries, and life-changing and chronic medical problems. In addition, these falls often mean significant medical care is needed and can result in a loss of independence for the senior. For these reasons, it is crucial that those who are caring for the elderly educate themselves about nighttime safety.