Top 7 Dementia Warning Signs: The Latest Information

7 warning signs to help you identify Alzheimer's disease or dementia. 
How can you tell if a loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? If mom keeps forgetting where she put her keys or if dad looks confused these days, does this mean they have dementia? Not quite. Only a qualified physician can diagnose a patient with this illness. Memory loss is a common symptom for Alzheimer’s disease, although just because a loved doesn’t remember certain things, it doesn’t mean they’re sick. We all forget things every now and then, whether we’re 25 or 75. 

Family Caregivers -- Frustrated, Frazzled and Frantic. Here's New Help for You.

There's new help for the family caregiver. 
In a yearlong study of family caregivers conducted by The CareGiver Partnership in 2004, caregivers self-described themselves as being frantic, frazzled and frustrated.

· Frantic because they are usually thrust into their caregiver role as the result of an emergency – such as a fall or stroke.

· Frazzled because most are women who work full and part time. They may be juggling a job, a home and a family -- all while trying to provide care for a loved one.

Understanding Boomers

Guest post contributed by Senior Planning Services

The baby boomer generation, a colorful, noteworthy slice of the American population is oft referred to in the media and with good reason. Between the years of 1946 and 1964, seventy six million babies were brought into this word, and quite literally, the baby boomers were born. Today it is estimated that those over 50 comprise of about 45% of the US population.

As the first boomers approach age 65 and subsequent retirement, there are many issues that affect this group that will have major ramifications for everyone else as well. The joint federal and state Medicaid and Medicare programs were designed with a much smaller senior demographic in mind and growing the program exponentially into the future, needless to say, will not be an easy task.

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Caregiver Stress: Remembering to Take Care of Yourself

The job of caregiver is fraught with stress. 
Caregivers are those that care for others because they either can’t care for themselves or need assistance to carry out everyday tasks. Caregivers are often related to the people they are caring for, and the person being cared for is frequently a cherished loved one.

Participate in a Bladder Leak Clinical Study

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