My Mom Is Not Eating Well, What Can I Do?

One question caregivers often find themselves asking is how to make sure their loved one is eating properly. Malnutrition is a serious problem amongst seniors, and can lead to a lot of negative consequences, from being more prone to illness, to poor healing, easy bruising, lengthy hospital stays, and more. When a parent or loved ones is not eating well, it is important to understand the physical, social, an psychological factors that may be contributing to their problem.

If your looking for fresh, nutritious meals delivered on.

Odor: An Issue for Those Using Incontinence Products

Odor control for incontinence products
Finding the proper solution for controlling the odor caused by used incontinence products may seem like a daunting, unwinnable task. Many “fly by night” schemes have been introduced and quickly retracted due to their lack of odor prevention.

The Best Incontinence Products For Women

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When you are searching for the best incontinence products for women, it is helpful to know what types of products are out there. Some people make the mistake in thinking that all products are made to be adult diapers, which can look big and bulky. The new incontinence products on the market do not look like this anymore!

TENA Adult Diapers Work For Everyone!

TENA - #1 seller worldwide
When purchasing TENA pads it is important to consider the type of absorbency that you need. TENA provides products for all ages, making it an ideal solution for anyone dealing with incontinence. Get a sample package of multiple incontinence products in order to see which one fits properly to your body type along with selecting the diaper or pad that is affordable for your needs.

Answers to Common Questions About Incontinence Products

With so many choices, its hard to tell what you need
Do you have questions about incontinence?  Here are answers to 40 of the most commonly asked questions along with links to over 300 articles and other resources.

Prevail Incontinence Products - Now #1 in the U.S.

More styles, sizes and absorbencies
Prevail diapers can provide you with the maximum level of protection and comfort that you need in order to have control over your issues with incontinence. Dealing with incontinence can be an emotionally frustrating and devastating issue. The right Prevail adult diapers will    help you gain back your dignity as you have the ability to use products that pull the urine away from the skin. Keeping your skin dry is the best option that you have in reducing issues with skin rashes and infections that come along with incontinence.

My Mom is Living On Junk Food and Cigarettes

A diet of cigarettes and junk food
My mother is aging, but enjoys her independence, and so she lives alone, and we get over to see her as much as we can. I live about an hour from her, but with my work and family, it is difficult to make visits as regularly as I should. My siblings live all over the country, and so the primary responsibility of making sure she is okay falls to me, as I am the closest.

Last week I visited and noticed her fridge and pantry were a little bare. Then this week a neighbor had mentioned my mother rarely shops or gets out of the house any more.

Protect Your Clothing And Your Dignity With Adult Diapers

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If you are dealing with incontinence it is important that you look into wearing adult diapers. Adult diapers are great as they can provide you with protection that you need when you go out in public and at home. Wearing diapers is also nice as you can protect your furniture as well. The diapers will be able to remove the urine from your skin so that you are able to stay as dry as possible. When urine is soaking against the skin will lead to infections of the bladder and it will end up irritating the skin. It is important that you use the right type of adult diapers that will remove the urine from sitting against the skin and also to have your skin breathe properly.

Options For Urinary Incontinence Products

Urinary incontinence has several different forms but they all have one common thing, the involuntary loss of urine. Losing control over your bladder can be embarrassing and frustrating to deal with. It helps to search for urinary incontinence products as they can help you to manage your condition so you can enjoy your life again. With so many products on the market, how can you find one that will give you the ultimate protection and comfort? It varies from person to person but there are some buying tips that can help you to narrow down your selection of products.

Managing Incontinence With Attends Adult Diapers

One of the first brands, developed by P&G
If you are suffering from incontinence you need to purchase Attends diapers. This brand of adult diapers is one of the best values on the market in offering you greater protection and comfort. Dealing with incontinence is never an easy thing and the emotional turmoil that comes with incontinence can be incredibly challenging. Many people end up having issues with depression in addition to incontinence as the embarrassment can be debilitating. It can also cause people to miss out on social situations as the fear of never knowing when you may end up with an incontinence episode can be stressful.

A Caregivers Guide to Incontinence

Welcome from Founder, Lynn Wilson, The CareGiver Partnership

Becoming a caregiver for an elderly person is a huge undertaking that can be stressful and full of daily challenges. The requirements of the position are intensified if the elderly person you care for suffers from bowel incontinence. In order to properly care for this individual you must understand the requirements of the condition, as well as the products that are available to make your life easier. While caring for the person you must also understand that this is a medical condition that causes extreme embarrassment for the afflicted person, in most cases.
Therefore providing care that helps maintain a sense of dignity is essential for providing superior care. 

How To Select The Right Incontinence Underwear

No one in the stores is knowledgeable.  Here's help.
When it comes to buying incontinence underwear it is important to consider several things from comfort to pricing. Buying incontinence underwear is just one step in the right direction in being able to have control over incontinence and getting your life back. Many people suffer from incontinence and they let it keep them from social situations and other things that can allow you to really enjoy your life. While incontinence is hard and can be embarrassing, it doesn’t need to turn into a thing that forces you to stay home. The right incontinence products will be able to give you the protection that you need so you can go out in public and can enjoy being social.

Keeping Your Body Clean When Using Adult Diapers

Dianna Malkowski, Physician Asst.
Using an adult diaper is a great way to manage your problems with incontinence. Dealing with incontinence can be an annoyance but it can often be an embarrassment for many people. If you don’t have proper protection, you can end up leaking in public and others will see that you are dealing with incontinence. You should consider using some quality adult diapers and incontinence supplies that will properly protect you so that you are not embarrassed and so you don’t end up with wet clothing all of the time!

Incontinence Supplies Can Give You Relief!

How can you buy the right type of incontinence supplies to help you in managing your condition? Dealing with incontinence can be embarrassing and it often leads people to develop depression. When you end up with a condition that is uncontrollable and leaves you with wet pants in public, it is easy to see why you might consider withdrawing from many public events and social occasions.

How To Choose The Right Adult Diaper For You or a Loved One

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When it comes to choosing the best adult diapers, you may be wondering how to start shopping for them.  Those that are first buying incontinence products spend, on average $130 in a trial and error mode trying to figure out the right product for them.  This article shares useful tips and tools which will help you avoid the costly mistake of buying incontinence products which do not meet your needs.

Is Your Mom or Dad Slowly Starving?

There are 6 million malnourished seniors
Is your mom or dad slowly starving? No caregiver wants to consider this possibility, but the truth is that malnutrition is a serious problem among seniors, and often goes undetected and untreated until there are serious consequences.

Why are so many seniors malnourished?

There are over six million seniors in the U.S. at risk of undernourishment. The causes are many, and varied, but include: 

Etiquette for Disposing of Incontinence Products

New innovative products reduce the stigma of incontinence.
Being faced with incontinence is a medical issue that thousands of people are faced with. Though it affects the elderly in the highest percentage, this problem can affect a person at any stage of life. It can be the result of surgery, bowel issues, and other contributing factors such as cancer and radiation. In the past, managing this problem of bowel incontinence meant living in seclusion or wearing a bulky, embarrassing diaper in public. However, as new products are developed, many afflicted individuals are able to live active, normal lives while handling their problem with discretion, which includes the disposal of the used products.

How Depends Can Help Female Stress Incontinence

Less Female Stress Incontinence
Dealing with female incontinence can be quite embarrassing and it is often troubling to many women. There are millions of women dealing with this embarrassing issue but there are some wonderful products on the market that can help. Depends is one of the most trusted brands on the market to aid in managing incontinence. Try some samples of different incontinence products to be sure that you are able to find the brand that is the best going to suit your body.

How Adult Pull On Underwear for Incontinence Help You

New adult pull-up provide normalcy
Are you tired of dealing with incontinence and the embarrassment that it brings? Using adult pull ups can help you to properly manage your condition so you don’t need to worry about what others may think of you! You will have the proper amount of protection you need in order to stay safe against incontinence and to be sure that you are able to reduce issues with infections and other things.

Find Protection With Poise Pads

12 absorbencies to choose from
Poise pads are designed to help you deal with light bladder leakage problems. Many women that deal with incontinence find that Poise pads are the ideal solution as they offer plenty of protection but they are incredibly discrete. Some pads may feel like you are wearing a bulky diaper where others may cause a plastic sound when you are walking. Poise has created a number of pads that come with odor protection along with including discreteness with sound. They don’t make the plastic noise when you walk and they come in many options so you don’t need to feel like you are wearing a 3 inch thick pad around.  Learn more here.