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When purchasing TENA pads it is important to consider the type of absorbency that you need. TENA provides products for all ages, making it an ideal solution for anyone dealing with incontinence. Get a sample package of multiple incontinence products in order to see which one fits properly to your body type along with selecting the diaper or pad that is affordable for your needs.

It is important that you schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss your issues with incontinence. You may have an underlying medical issue that needs to be discussed instead of just assuming that this is part of your life. In some cases you may be in need of a surgery.

Incontinence doesn't need to be a problem anymore. With the right TENA adult diapers, you will be able to protect yourself from embarrassment. The TENA pads on the market are discrete and comfortable. They come in a variety of sizes and absorbency options, making it easy for you to be able to find a pad or TENA diapers that can prevent you from having embarrassment.  Having protection will give you a chance to go out in public again so you don’t end up having an accident. Many people suffering from incontinence will avoid social situations as they are concerned over their condition. When you do not go out and socialize, it is not hard for you to start feeling withdrawn and depressed.

Watch this video.  How to choose the right incontinence product. 

A lot of elderly people with incontinence also start dealing with other issues like dehydration and poor nutrition as they are concerned about how often they will have an accident. Decreasing what you drink can lead to serious health problems. Bladder infections will happen when you do not drink enough as you do not have water that is helping to flush bacteria out of the bladder. Plenty of water aids in cleansing the kidneys and allows them to function properly. Taking good care of your health is one of the best options you have to prevent additional problems. Changing your diet may help in giving you control over incontinence as certain foods are known to stimulate the bladder. Avoid caffeine and drinks that include a lot of water as they can lead to concerns with incontinence.

Do you prefer to use TENA pads or TENA adult diapers? The TENA pads are thin and discrete, but they are best for individuals that do not have a lot of urine leakage. Having a large amount of urine loss may require you to use the TENA diapers or TENA protective underwear as they give you more control over the urine loss and protection levels you need. Using the TENA protective underwear is a great option if you do have a large amount of urine loss as the underwear fits snugly against your skin and will be able to help you in removing the urine from the skin so you don’t end up with a serious skin rash that can be incredibly painful.

Some of the TENA pads and TENA diapers can be used both day and night. This will protect your bedding as it can capture any urine loss that occurs so you don’t have to wash your sheets all the time! TENA provides a nice line of products that are created for all ages and offers a variety of sizes as well, making them easy to adjust for any body type. TENA incontinence products are great no matter what type of incontinence you are dealing with. If you want to regain your dignity and control over incontinence, you need to purchase TENA adult diapers today! Answers to the most commonly asked questions about incontinence.

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