Answers to Common Questions About Incontinence Products

With so many choices, its hard to tell what you need
Do you have questions about incontinence?  Here are answers to 40 of the most commonly asked questions along with links to over 300 articles and other resources.

If you are in the market to purchase incontinence products do you know where you need to start looking? Managing incontinence doesn't need to be hard thanks to all of the products that there are to choose from. You also don’t need to be embarrassed about your condition as millions of Americans are dealing with incontinence and this number will only grow as the baby boomers are getting older. Living with incontinence can be a headache for many people but you can easily overcome it with the right incontinence products.

Watch this video.  How to choose the right incontinence product. 

To find products that work right for your needs, it helps to know about your condition. You need to figure out how much urine loss you are dealing with as this will give you an idea of the absorbency level you need for adult diapers or pads. You also need to track the frequency. Some people can deal with just a few pads and changing’s through the day where others will need to change their incontinence products multiple times a day. Do you have issues with bedwetting? You may also need to purchase some bed pads and protective liners to keep your bedding clean and dry.

Comfort is the key to a quality adult diaper. When you are trying out different brands and styles you always want to shop for one that gives you comfort! Try out many types so you can find the one that offers plenty of air flow. Air flow will reduce issues with skin irritation and rashes and it keeps you drier which also helps with odor control. The diaper should fit snugly against the skin so you don’t have leakage. It should not be too tight as this can cause you to end up with pinching of the skin and irritation as well. Try out adult diapers, washable underwear, and incontinence pads to see which one will give you protection but to find the one that does fit to your body type properly.

The cost is always something to consider. Some people don’t mind the cost but it can add up pretty fast when you have several changing’s a day. Washable incontinence products may be better suited for you instead of the disposable products. The disposable products can also cause an issue with sanitation if you are not taking them out to the garbage often.

The average consumer wastes over $100 trying to figure out which is the best incontinence product for them or a loved one.  Learn more.

To find the largest selection of incontinence products you need to shop online. Not only will you have a larger selection but you also have the ability to discretely search for your products.  The CareGiver Partnership offers over 500 choices - 10 times more than even the big stores. You will not need to worry about other people seeing you in the grocery store with a box of Depends! This is a simple way to prevent yourself from feeling embarrassed but also to help you actually have access to products that are ideal for your body and the type of incontinence that you are dealing with.  Plus their nice team of ladies can help guide you to the right product for you or a loved one (800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST). 

Sizing is always a concern when buying incontinence supplies. Shop for products that are based on your gender so the sizing will be accurate. You also need to look for products that give you a snug fit but do not cause you to feel like they are too bulky. Most of the incontinence underwear out there does not cause you to end up with a bulky back side and you can easily hide your condition from others.

If you are buying incontinence products for a loved one, consider what type of state they are in. Some people need to change the products for their loved one. You may want to opt for products that have Velcro sides so they are easier to get off. Buying the right product will make your life easier and will allow you to help your loved one feel comfortable as well.

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