How To Choose The Right Adult Diaper For You or a Loved One

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When it comes to choosing the best adult diapers, you may be wondering how to start shopping for them.  Those that are first buying incontinence products spend, on average $130 in a trial and error mode trying to figure out the right product for them.  This article shares useful tips and tools which will help you avoid the costly mistake of buying incontinence products which do not meet your needs.

4 Tools To Help Choose The Right Adult Diaper
  • Get Personalized Attention service from one of the nice ladies at The CareGiver Partnership who are highly knowledgeable about all types of incontinence products.  Call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST.  There's no one in the stores that knowledgeable and the pharmacists are too busy dispensing prescriptions.
  • Try a sample before you buy and avoid the costly mistake of buying a full bag or case of product which does not meet your needs.
  • Watch the helpful video below.
Buying adult diapers comes down to many different decisions as the diapers and preferences are different for everyone. There are so many different brands, sizes, materials, and options to choose from that it can be quite challenging to find a product that is ideal for your needs. To find the best adult diapers you need to get a sample packet of different brands and styles. This is the best way to see how they fit to your body and to help you in being able to understand what price range you can afford.

Watch this videoHow to choose the right incontinence product.

Some people like the disposable adult diapers where others prefer to use the washable adult diapers. The washable products are usually less expensive on your budget if you need to change out the diapers frequently. The disposable products tend to be convenient if you are using them in public and you don’t want to tote a wet diaper home with you. The downside to disposable products is that they can become expensive over time if you end up using a lot of time.

Are you a caregiver? If you are, you need to consider the convenience of the diapers for your needs. Look for adult diapers that have adjustable sides so you can easily remove them. This way you will not need to lift your loved one to change them out and you will find that they are easier to deal with compared to the pull-up styles.

Quality diapers will be able to pull the urine away from the skin and will aid in keeping your skin dry and clean. If you do not have plenty of air flow to the skin, it will cause an odor to build up. You also need to consider having air flow to reduce the amount of urine sitting on the skin as the urine can lead to a buildup of bacteria and it can easily cause an infection. It is important to opt for diapers that will be able to provide you with a reducing in any type of infection problem.

Absorbency is another thing to consider when you are looking to find the best adult diapers to use. Abena is one of the brands that is known for fast absorbency, allowing air flow to work properly in reducing odor issues. Abena does tend to be more on the expensive end of adult diaper products, but it does work great if you want to find diapers with the best absorbency. One of the other things to consider with absorbency comes down to your needs. How much urine do you commonly lose throughout the day? You need to be able to find products that will give you plenty of absorbency for the urine loss you are experiencing.  For night time use you will need to select adult diapers that have a larger amount of absorbency than the day time use. This is because of how much control you lose over your bladder when you are sleeping. Bed pads are also great at helping you to protect yourself with night time wetting concerns.

How much money do you plan on spending? This is a big factor when choosing adult diapers. You need to find products that are within your price range as it may not be easy to deal with the expense of buying incontinence products. The one thing to remember is that when you sacrifice price to get the generic brands, you usually sacrifice quality as well. This can cause you to deal with leaks throughout the day and can make managing incontinence frustrating.

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