Odor: An Issue for Those Using Incontinence Products

Odor control for incontinence products
Finding the proper solution for controlling the odor caused by used incontinence products may seem like a daunting, unwinnable task. Many “fly by night” schemes have been introduced and quickly retracted due to their lack of odor prevention.
However, in order to know how to prevent the odor associated with incontinence products you must first understand the source of these odors, and you may be unpleasantly surprised:
  • The soiled incontinence product: This is an obvious source and the leading cause of unpleasant odors in the home.
  • The receptacle that is used: Traditional types of plastic will absorb the odor that it regularly contains, this is just a fact. Even when cleaned with bleach, the odor may not be completely eliminated.
  • Insufficient odor controlling liners: Many liners that are used in trash receptacles are just not equipped to handle the strong odors produced by incontinence products. Only liners that are specially designed for this purpose can guarantee effectiveness. Don’t buy into the hype; if it is not specially designed for incontinence supplies it will not successfully reduce the odor.
  • Unchanged bed liners: These can be extremely odorous if not changed properly. They can also lead to unsanitary conditions for the person who must use them. 
Finding the solution to these odor causing problems may be easier than you think. There is no doubt that there is a company somewhere that is always trying to improve something. Well, this is even true in the realm of incontinence products. The target audience for these products is typically the elderly; however it is an issue that can affect an individual at any stage of their life. This means that the demand for efficient and quality products is extremely important.

With hundreds of hours of research, study groups and real user’s opinions, innovative designers came up with a product that will help control odor, provide discreet disposal and easy to use features for those who use incontinence products. This is the Akord diaper pail and it provides benefits that are were simply not available before. Watch a video about this new system.  By providing such superior results the diaper pail is quickly gaining steam and becoming a staple in many homes of those who use incontinence products. Some of the other features and benefits include:
  • Sanitary disposal: With spring loaded flaps the receptacle will automatically close after each product is disposed inside to ensure both odors and bacteria are kept inside.
  • Double seals: This provides for ultimate odor control that no other product on the market has to offer.
  • Refillable liner: The diaper pail comes fitted with odor controlling liners, which can easily be replaced when they run out. 
Akord disposal system ideal for in-home care.
  • Easy access: To change the liner and refill the bag.
  • Hands free use: The foot pedal allows you to dispose of incontinence products without having to actually touch the unit. This means no bacteria transferred to the unit or your hands.
  • Sleek style for everyday use: This unit does not have to be hidden; it looks like a traditional garbage can and can sit out in the line of sight without drawing unwanted attention.
  • Ability to fill to capacity: No need to change the liner each day. You can completely fill the bag (which holds a three to four day supply of used incontinence products) before you have to change it. 
Consider using the Akord diaper pail to take advantage of these many helpful benefits. It provides superior odor control, discreet disposal of incontinence products and the ability to use the receptacle anywhere without any unwanted attention.

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