Keeping Your Body Clean When Using Adult Diapers

Dianna Malkowski, Physician Asst.
Using an adult diaper is a great way to manage your problems with incontinence. Dealing with incontinence can be an annoyance but it can often be an embarrassment for many people. If you don’t have proper protection, you can end up leaking in public and others will see that you are dealing with incontinence. You should consider using some quality adult diapers and incontinence supplies that will properly protect you so that you are not embarrassed and so you don’t end up with wet clothing all of the time!

When dealing with fecal incontinence it is important that you look for products that will be able to provide you with more than protection but also offer odor control. You need products that prevent odors from escaping as this will end up leading to embarrassment. It is vital that you change your diaper as soon as possible as fecal matter can lead to skin irritation and possible infections when it is left on the skin.

Incontinence can be a condition that is overwhelming for caregivers. It is not easy to lift a loved one so you can change out their diaper. If you are caring for a loved one that has incontinence you need to consider using an adult diaper that has adjustable straps on the sides. This will make them easier to get on and off and it will make it easier on you to deal with the process of keeping them dry. Always use wipes to aid in cleaning the skin correctly. Not removing the urine can easily lead to an infection of the bladder and possibly a kidney infection.

Proper cleaning of the skin also will reduce irritation and a skin rash. You need to use a wet washcloth to clean the skin or you can purchase disposable incontinence wipes. These are great as they help you to keep the skin clean and prevent it from becoming too dry, which can also be irritating.

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Change the adult diaper frequently as this is the best method of staying safe from infections along with skin irritations.  Two to four times a day is usual.  You need to plan on changing the diaper every time it is wet as leaving the urine on the diaper can be irritating. It’s never fun to sit around in your own urine so be sure to check on your loved one often if they are using incontinence products. Consider using bed pads as well to capture any urine that may leak out of the diaper and to protect the bedding.

An adult diaper must fit snugly against the skin. If it is too lose it will allow urine to escape. You need to find a comfortable fit so that it doesn’t pinch the skin and leave you dealing with irritation. You also need to look for adult diapers with different absorbency options. If you have light incontinence problems, you may be able to do just fine with a pad. For severe problems you will need to consider extra absorbent diapers. Track the amount of urine loss that you deal with. This will help you in choosing the right type of absorbency for your adult diaper needs. This will also help you to figure out just how many diapers you will go through in the day.

As you are using adult diapers you also need to debate between using a washable diaper and a disposable one. A washable one will fit more like traditional underwear and usually provides you with more airflow to the skin. The disposable ones are usually convenient as you don’t need to worry about washing them and you can deal with disposable of them when you are out in public so you can focus on remaining dry and not needing to worry about carrying a wet diaper home with you.

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