Is Your Mom or Dad Slowly Starving?

There are 6 million malnourished seniors
Is your mom or dad slowly starving? No caregiver wants to consider this possibility, but the truth is that malnutrition is a serious problem among seniors, and often goes undetected and untreated until there are serious consequences.

Why are so many seniors malnourished?

There are over six million seniors in the U.S. at risk of undernourishment. The causes are many, and varied, but include: 

Limited mobility- Not being able to get to the store or prepare foods can mean that there is a lack of food available to seniors.  Often poverty, poor quality of diet at home, difficulty with shopping etc. lead to poor eating habits, or skipping meals altogether. 

Poor appetite- Another big reason many seniors are suffering malnutrition is that they have a poor or decreased appetite due to illness, food aversions, medications, depression, anxiety, etc. They may find eating alone unappealing, or are on a medication or drug that makes food unappealing. 

Inability to eat- Sometimes physical limitations simply make eating challenging. Arthritis, degenerative diseases, painful mouth conditions, dietary restrictions, etc. make eating hard or impossible. 

Excess losses- Some seniors are eating, but them losing the nutrients due to vomiting, diarrhea, stomas, etc. 

Poor diet- Often seniors are uninterested, or unable to prepare healthy meals, and instead live off of take out, junk food, etc. Which leads to nutrient deficiencies in their bodies.

How can you tell if your parent is malnourished?

Spotting malnutrition in seniors is often difficult, especially when they appear to be independent and functioning well. In order to spot problems watch for weight loss, poor wound healing, excessive or easy bruising etc. It is best to spend time with your loved one during meal times, and if they are in a care facility, observe their eating habits, and what is being served. Is it nutritious? Check their fridge and pantry, is it well stocked? Are the foods nutritious?

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What you can do if you are worried?
  • Talk to their doctors to monitor weight loss, and identify and address any medical reasons for poor appetite, weight loss and the like. 
  • Make mealtime more social for your loved one in order to avoid lack of eating due to disinterest in eating alone.
  • Make sure their food is appetizing. Often diet restrictions lead to bland or dull food options, look for ways to make it more appetizing for your loved one.
  • Encourage regular exercise to stimulate appetite.
  • Provide them with help, such as rides to grocery stores, or outside help in shopping for or preparing meals.
  • Prepare meals for them, or find a company or option to do so.
It is often impractical for caregivers to attend their loved one at each meal, prepare all their meals for them, or even take them shopping on a regular basis, as many caregivers have several other responsibilities as well. If you find yourself in this situation, consider Mom’s Meals to help provide your parent with nutritious, convenient, and affordable meals that will help them stay healthy.

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