A Review of the Best Incontinence Products

One of the major challenges of managing incontinence is finding the right product to use. It can be overwhelming when you are considering the many options, styles, and brand names. If you are new to the world of incontinence products then reading a review can be a helpful guide to get you started. However, it should be noted that there is no substitute for actually trying out products and finding the right one to meet your needs or those of the person you are caring for. Keep in mind that it can be a trial and error process but with some diligence and education you can find the product that will best help you to manage your incontinence symptoms or the symptoms of your loved one. Here is a review of some of the best incontinence products-

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  • Abena Abri-Flex-This product has been reviewed as "perhaps the finest pull-up available anywhere. Users say that the high elastic thread count and elasticized crotch contribute to a good fit with less chance of leaking. This entire product line offers a wide variety of styles and incontinence product options. You can purchase full adult diapers(briefs) that are either pull up or have recloseable tabs. In addition, they offer different sizes and levels of absorbency in pads that can be used in conjunction with the incontinence underwear. Many people prefer Abena incontinence products because of their focus on green manufacturing. The products are made with very little waste and use materials that only harvested from reforested areas. While they are little pricey then other brands they are viewed as high quality product for anyone dealing with incontinence.
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear-This well known brand is used by many people with incontinence. This product gets high marks for absorbency but less for fit. The product gets around the fit issue by adding tapes that can be either left closed or refastened for a more snug fit. Studies show that most users of this product rate it for good daytime protection and give this style good marks for absorbency and comfort.  One of the major advantages to using any Depend product is that the brand is easy to find and locate.
  • Attends-This product line offers two styles of disposable underwear. These are Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency with Leakage Barriers and Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency. It is important to note that while both products have the same basic design, the Super Plus style has inner leg cuffs, which act as an additional barrier. Users of this product have rated it as having excellent leakage protection at an affordable price. However, the comparative tests rate both kinds of Attends Underwear at just over half the absorbency of the Abena Abri-Flex. Which mean that while it's a good budget choice, it may not be as appropriate for severe incontinence or extended wear.
Samples to try before you buy
so you avoid the costly mistake of buying a product that you can't return.
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Anonymous said...

Personally I use Attends Pull-Ons and Attends Soft products - I would highly recommend these to any one who has incontinence issues.

Allison Tainaka said...

I hear the Attends product line has a pretty good reputation. I think it's being endorsed by several care centers in the country.

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