Mixed Urinary Incontinence - Serious But Manageable

Living with mixed urinary incontinence can be a difficult burden for many people. The embarrassment that is associated with mixed incontinence can cause many people to avoid social situations and often leads to depression. Urinary incontinence is not a condition that is only associated with elderly individuals as there are many people that suffer from it in younger ages as well. Fortunately the incontinence supplies that are available have come a long way and it is easy to manage your condition without embarrassment so you can enjoy being social again.

What Is Mixed Urinary Incontinence?
Urinary incontinence is caused by stress incontinence in about half of women with incontinence, with combined stress and urge, also called mixed incontinence, next common, and urge incontinence least common. There are many different types of incontinence and they all can be related to different things. With mixed urinary incontinence you are dealing with multiple types of incontinence. It is likely that you have stress incontinence along with urge incontinence. Stress incontinence is when you have weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Many women that are pregnant will deal with this condition as their bodies go through a serious transition and the excess pressure on the bladder can cause stress incontinence. Your pelvic floor muscles need to be strong in order to hold in the urine. When they are weakened from pregnancy or simply from the aging process it can cause them to leak out urine. The good news is for most urinary incontinence suffers is that you can usually strengthen these muscles again and regain control over your incontinence problem. Now if you have urge incontinence it becomes a little more serious. With urge incontinence you have to deal with the immediate urge to use the restroom. There is usually not a warning and in a lot of cases patients are not able to make it to the bathroom on time. With mixed urinary incontinence you will typically end up with both forms with either urge or stress incontinence being more pronounced. This makes it hard for you to know when you will have an episode and can lead to a very embarrassing condition.

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Managing mixed urinary incontinence
Fortunately there are a number of incontinence supplies for men and incontinence supplies for women on the market that can make your condition manageable. You need to look at getting a sample of various supplies from adult diapers to incontinence pads to see which ones you like and which ones give you the best level of protection with your condition.

Always try out various incontinence products until you find a brand or a style that you really like. Once you have one you should consider stocking up on them so you don’t need to worry about running out when you have a big vacation planned or something else. The best incontinence products can be found online as there is a larger selection to choose from when you compare it to what you have in your local supermarket. Usually you only have a single brand of adult diapers and they are usually one size fits all. Men and women have very different makeup’s and it is not going to provide one gender with the same level of protection that it can give to another.

Other remedies for incontinence
When dealing with incontinence it is always a smart decision to schedule a visit with your doctor. You need to talk to them about your condition and to make sure that it is not related to another medical condition. After meeting with them your doctor may also recommend some incontinence supplies to use along with other remedies to treat mixed urinary incontinence. These remedies may include changes to your diet along with exercises that will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and possibly using hypnosis to help with managing your incontinence condition.


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