Three Product Types to Help with Adult Incontinence

Incontinence products
Adult incontinence is a condition in which an individual will have a difficult time managing his or her urge to urinate. Some people will have incontinence as a result of aging where others have it happen as a side effect to diabetes or other medical issues. Younger women often experience it during pregnancy and childbirth as the extra pressure on their bladder can cause leakage. They may also experience weakened pelvic floor muscles as a result of pregnancy and this can also cause you to have bladder incontinence problems. Adults that suffer from incontinence often are unable to control the frequent urge to urinate and it can arise at any time, causing them to be incredibly embarrassed.

While incontinence can be pretty embarrassing, there are some things that you can do about it. First, schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the problems you are having. They may be able to suggest things like using Kegel exercises to help improve the muscle strength and improve your condition. If this doesn't seem to work, you may need surgery to help improve your condition. Second, research all of the various incontinence products that are on the market and can help you out. There are several products to choose from, many of which will easily be able to capture the urine that leaks out of the bladder throughout the day. This allows you to enjoy your social life again without others knowing that you do have a problem with incontinence.

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Many of the incontinence products are beneficial for helping to keep you dry and to prevent others from detecting you have a problem. They can conceal the smell of urine, which also helps you to easily hide your condition from others. With all the products out there it can be challenging to find one that you will be able to use. Try using this helpful product finder tool that can point you in the right direction and will be able to help you find the right type of incontinence products for your needs:

Here are 3 products that can help you properly manage adult incontinence:
1.       Disposable briefs – these are excellent in helping to manage incontinence. These briefs can be worn as a replacement to your underwear and they will collect any urine that leaks out of the bladder. They can then be tossed into the garbage so you don’t need to worry about washing them. Some of the adult diapers have scented padding where most just come with absorbable padding that will gather the urine. They are designed for both men and women and are very discrete.
2.       Underwear pads and liners – for individuals with light incontinence problems, using underwear liners and other things is a great way to manage your problem. You simply add the pad or liner to your regular underwear and change them out if you do leak throughout the day. The underwear liners are effective at keeping you odor free and dry and you can choose from several different types of absorbency.
3.       Washable incontinence underwear – if the disposable products are too expensive for you, try using some of the washable products. This is a great way to manage your condition without needing to spend a lot of money. The washable underwear is cheaper and its very discrete because it is designed to look exactly like the underwear you are already use to using. It is also nice because the cotton material is quite breathable, making it much easier on your skin.

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