How to Shop For Incontinence Supplies

How to shop for Incontinence Supplies
There are many ways to approach incontinence supplies, and if you are new to this world, or even if you are simply not happy with the incontinence underwear that you are currently wearing, you can switch over to a new brand or style and will be happy to find great relief. The incontinence supplies that are available now will be able to provide you with a variety of comfort along with discreteness so no one will even know that you suffer from this embarrassing problem. The problem you may be facing is figuring out how to shop for incontinence supplies or how to find supplies that you will like.  The stores (even the big ones) have a very limited selection.

How do you go about finding incontinence supplies that will work for your condition? It helps to understand a few things first:
1.       Recognize that you are not along in suffering from this condition. There are millions of people worldwide that suffer from it and this had lead to a number of supplies that will benefit you greatly. You must look for supplies that are based on your gender as no two adult diapers are created the same and men and women have very different needs when it comes to using adult diapers. Males need absorbency in different areas from women and you need to find products that are going to work well for your gender instead of a one size fits all solution.
Samples to try before you buy so you avoid the costly mistake of buying the wrong product.
2.       Look for supplies that are comfortable. You are going to be wearing the adult diapers, pants, or pads as a replacement to your underwear so you have to find something that is comfortable. You need to shop around for materials that feel good to your skin and also move with your body. This will make your life much easier as you won’t have the pain on the skin from rubbing of the diaper against your skin.
3.       Always purchase additional supplies besides pads or diapers. Caring for your skin is important when you are suffering from incontinence. You need to find products that will prevent you from having a skin rash. Using sanitary wipes will cleanse the skin of excess urine or feces so you won’t develop a rash or a urinary tract infection. Then using some lotion will also help to keep the skin from getting too dry from excessive touching.
Watch this video.  How to choose the right incontinence product.
4.       Buy your incontinence products online will allow you to have more options and it will be able to give you a certain level of discreteness. This way you won’t need to worry about UPS delivering a package that seems to show your entire neighborhood that you have incontinence.
5.       What type of incontinence do you have? This is also important to understand because it helps you to figure out which type of incontinence product you need to purchase; The products for stress incontinence are very different from the products that are used for urge incontinence. You may need to have a higher level of protection with the urge incontinence compared to the stress incontinence as more urine will escape from the body.

Incontinence is embarrassing and it is a problem but it is not something that you need to let destroy your social life and enjoying yourself. With the right type of products along with a quality physician you will easily be able to find incontinence products that are right for you.

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