Male Incontinence Products - Solutions That Few Men Know About

Many men deal with incontinence - not just women...
Many people automatically assume that incontinence is strictly a female problem. However, while women are in the majority when it comes to suffering with incontinence. There are a substantial amount of men that must deal with this problem, as well. It is important that any man who is dealing with incontinence become aware of the large number of incontinence products for men. These incontinence supplies can help men who are trying to manage this problem do so in an effective and discreet manner. These incontinence products can be purchased from online sites that offer adult incontinence products.

The variety of adult incontinence products range from adult diapers to incontinence underwear that can be worn with or without incontinence pads. Today, manufacturers of incontinence products understand that men have very different needs then women when it comes to the use of incontinence products.  This has lead to the development of incontinence products that address these needs in a comfortable and discreet manner. Many men choose to use an incontinence pad or guard to help them effectively manage their incontinence.  

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The most common cause of male incontinence is usually from prostate problems. When a man has an enlarged prostate or has been treated for prostate cancer this can cause a weakening of the muscles that control urinary function. Unfortunately, this means that many men will experience incontinence as a result of having prostate problems and they can also experience incontinence as a result of the treatment. Prostate problems is not the only cause of male incontinence. Other causes include but are not limited to: diabetes, neurological conditions, injuries to head and spinal cord, obesity, alcohol abuse, and reactions to medications.  This makes it crucial that if a man is having any type of incontinence symptoms that he report them immediately to his doctor. A medical evaluation is the only way to get to the root cause of the incontinence. Delaying medical treatment can only mean a longer, more expensive, treatment that has a reduced chance of treating both the incontinence and the prostate cancer.

No matter what is causing the male incontinence there are many different types of incontinence products that men need to be aware of. These incontinence products include:
  • Incontinence underwear-This type of incontinence undergarment comes in both boxer and brief styles. Today, incontinence underwear is sleek, form fitting and can be worn with comfort and discretion. The man who chooses this type of incontinence product can also layer it with incontinence pads for additional protection if needed. Incontinence underwear also comes in a variety of different absorbency levels to meet the needs of the individual wearer. It should also be noted that incontinence underwear comes in both disposable and washable styles, as well.
  • Incontinence guards-This type of incontinence product is actually an incontinence pad that is shaped to give additional protection where men need it most. The shape of the guard will allow for extra protection against leakage. The incontinence guard is made with material that allows for wicking which keeps moisture away from the skin of the wearer.
  • Incontinence pads-This type of incontinence product is usually a flat pad that is backed with an adhesive strip. It can be fastened onto regular or incontinence underwear. Most of the time incontinence pads are disposable though there are a few styles that are washable.
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