Reuse Washable Briefs If You Suffer From Incontinence

Salk washable briefs
If you are or someone you care for is suffering from incontinence it is important to know that there are lots of options that will help you to manage your incontinence symptoms. There is an extremely wide range of products that are available. People who are dealing with incontinence can now choose from a variety of products that will fit their needs in terms of mobility, activity, severity of incontinence symptoms and even gender. One of these options is using washable briefs.

Using washable or reusable briefs is an affordable way to save money when dealing with incontinence. In addition, many wearers report that reusable incontinence briefs are far more comfortable then their disposable counterparts. Reusable briefs are made from cotton, or polyester and nylon blends that help to pull or wick the moisture away from the skin of the wearer. This can help to protect both skin and other clothing. Best of all most types of reusable briefs can be washed for more then 300 times before having to be replaced.

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Many people who have incontinence like wearing reusable briefs because they feel a lot like normal underwear. They are specially made to keep moisture away from the skin. Most of are made from materials that help to keep the skin clean and feeling fresh. Most washable briefs have an outer shield that aids in evaporation yet is still breathable for the skin. The construction helps to block moisture from running onto other clothing.

Washable briefs like the Salk brand come sized in waist sizes and hip sizes though you can order custom sizes.  They can be used with or without additional pads. The pads are disposable and can be changed when needed. Pads are available with different absorbent capacity levels such as:  light, moderate, and heavy.

If you don’t want to deal with separate disposable pads there are washable briefs that have the pads built in. This design helps to keep the pad in place and prevents twisting of the pad, (especially when you wash the briefs in a washing machine). Many people with incontinence like to choose washable briefs that are made of pure cotton since they offer great levels of comfort and they feature a waterproof vinyl backing that prevents urine from leaking onto clothes or bedding.

Samples to try before you buy
so you don't make the costly mistake of buying a whole bag or case that can't be returned.
Another major advantage to using washable incontinence briefs is that most are combined with antimicrobial fiber that offers protection against odor. This means that you can attend parties, go shopping, or eat at a restaurant with great confidence and independence. Best of all, you can wash them several times, giving you excellent value for money.

Washable briefs help the person with incontinence focus on the lifestyle they want to live. They are durable, affordable, and handy alternatives to disposable incontinence products. You can forget about the discomfort associated with leakage without compromising comfort and  your active lifestyle.

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