Men Dealing with Urinary Incontinence and Dribbling Problems

This is how some men feel with incontinence
Most men feel shame and humiliation when they realize they are experiencing incontinence. Unfortunately, this leads to many men trying to hide the problem rather then dealing with it. The good news is that there is a wide variety of incontinence products for men. Men who are dealing with urinary incontinence can find an assortment of incontinence supplies that can help manage and deal with their incontinence. These incontinence supplies can include: incontinence underwear, adult diapers (mostly used for moderate to heavy incontinence), and various types of incontinence pads and guards. These incontinence supplies can be bought at online sites that offer adult incontinence products

Men who are trying to find ways to manage their incontinence will need to determine what type of incontinence products or combination of incontinence products that will work to meet their individual needs. This can often be a trial and error process. You may need to try a few different incontinence products before you are happy with the results. If you are unsure as to what incontinence products to try you may want to consult your doctor for recommendations.

Many men who have incontinence find that they only need protection for dribbling or light incontinence. This means that incontinence products such as an adult diaper are too much protection. Using incontinence pads or guards can be a great “middle ground” type of solution. This type of incontinence product comes in both disposable and washable forms. Many incontinence pads for men have a adhesive strip on the back that attaches to normal underwear or could be used with incontinence underwear. There are also incontinence guards that are shaped to protect where men most need the protection in front. In years past many incontinence products were bulky, uncomfortable, and many men even found it difficult to carry them. Manufacturers have addressed this need by developing incontinence products for men that are far more sleek and compact. Many men report that they can even put a spare incontinence product in their back pocket and carry it unnoticed.

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It is important to note that even if you are having only light incontinence symptoms you should immediately report them to your doctor. Incontinence is never normal and is certainly not a normal part of aging. You should not assume that incontinence is something that you have to just live with. There are many different treatment options that your doctor can prescribe for you. These treatment options will depend on your health status and type of incontinence.  Studies have shown that when men report their incontinence symptoms early on they are far more likely to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment options that are much more likely to be successful in reducing or even eliminating their incontinence.

The bottom line is that men who find they are experiencing incontinence have many different options when it comes to managing their incontinence problems. From using incontinence pads to deal with light incontinence to adult diapers for those who are dealing with moderate to heavy incontinence there are solutions to managing this problem while going about your daily life. While treatment options should never be ignored or overlooked using the right incontinence products will help to make managing the problem much easier. To find out more about all aspects of incontinence please visit

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