2 Strategies to Conceal Your Adult Diapers From Public View

2 Strategies for Concealing Adult Diapers from Public View
No one has to know, but you.
Wearing adult diapers is incredibly embarrassing to many people. You may constantly worry that other people can see you are wearing adult diapers and that they will know you suffer from urinary incontinence. How can you find urinary incontinence products that can be easily hidden from other people? Thanks to the large variety of incontinence products on the market now it is easy to find a number of products that will greatly benefit your situation and will allow you to maintain your dignity as you focus on living without embarrassment from incontinence.

As you seek out the right incontinence products it helps to learn more about your condition and what you can do to try and manage it naturally. Some things like lifestyle changes may be able to help improve your incontinence problem include reducing your intake of foods that can cause your bladder to be irritated. Here is a link to help you understand incontinence: http://caregiverpartnership.com/landing/incontinence/. This way you can see what type of products are recommended for the various types of incontinence out there. Individuals with urinary incontinence products will use them based on different levels of absorbency along with gender needs. In order to help you conceal your adult diapers so others cannot see them, you need to consider using the following strategies in your daily life:
  1. Use products that are easy to hide. Instead of opting for adult diapers that are bulky and hard to conceal it is a wise idea to try using incontinence pads. The incontinence pads are easier to change out and you can keep a spare set in your pocket or purse, making them easy to take with you and to change out. The other nice thing about the incontinence pads is that they are usually pretty quiet to change in the bathroom. They aren’t going to make a lot of noise so people in other stalls won’t be able to hear you changing out your incontinence pads. Most of the restrooms will include a trash can where you can dispose of your incontinence products. If they do not, it is a wise idea to keep a bag with you and some disposable bags that you can take along and toss your disposable incontinence products. You can purchase some discrete bags that are scented, in case you need to carry around the used incontinence product with you for a little bit. Other people prefer to use lunch bags as they do not reveal what is inside and helps to make it a little easier for you to hide what you are tossing into the garbage.
  2. Select the right type of incontinence products. If the disposable adult diapers look bulky and you can see them when you look at yourself in a mirror consider trying out the washable incontinence products. You can find incontinence underwear that looks very similar to your regular underwear and it’s hard to tell that it is used to help you manage your incontinence problem. You can also find incontinence underwear that comes in a variety of colors and styles, which can make them very easy to hide. In addition to buying the right incontinence products you also need to wear clothing that is comfortable and helps to do it’s hard in concealing your adult diaper. Do not wear pants that show your underwear when you bend over or make sure you always use a belt to keep them in place. It is also a good idea to wear shirts that are a little longer or shirts that you need to tuck in so that you won’t have your incontinence underwear show.

                                Watch this video:  How to choose the right incontinence product Managing incontinence can be done thanks to the right products. If you have diabetes and you are dealing with incontinence click on the following link: http://caregiverpartnership.com/landing/diabetes/. This will help you to understand what type of incontinence products you should consider using but also what type of treatments are available for your situation.  Please participate in our Caregiver Research here.  Just two minutes of your time to help support this free and useful blog which contains no advertising so its unbiased and uncluttered.
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Anonymous said...

It is also helpful to wear a high quality tight fitting cover, which can mask the sound of a disposable. The SOSecure swim diaper on this site is not only discreet protection for swimming when worn next to skin, under a swimsuit, but also makes a thin, smooth barrier as a diaper cover, making either disposables or reusables less noticible.

CareGiver Partnership said...

Thank you for the information on the SOSecure swim diaper. Its a very popular item for us.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas here - thanks. One issue I have found is that I sort of need the bulkier product or diaper because of the amount produced, etc. I am youngish for this issue (45) and working on eliminating the problem altogher, but still need to wear something on a daily basis for confidence. I believe that a few people have noticed what I was wearing in the past but received a sympathetic smile. For those very new to this - please take the advice of tucking your shirt in at all times. I made this mistake exactly once and reached for something at the grocery store on the top shelf only to notice a 16 year old girls trying to surpress a giggle over my showing diaper. But thanks for all the good advice:)

CareGiver Partnership said...

Thank you for your kinds words. Our mission at The CareGiver Partnership is to help family caregivers so that their loved ones can remain in their homes as long as possible.

Richard Anderson said...

Hi. Great site. Very complete info. I would add to this list to buy in bulk, to buy cases rather than a few at time. Adult Diapers won't expire before you use them and you'll use them on an ongoing basis, so its less expensive to buy in bulk and transfer to your own portable carry case.

Chris Challe said...

I usually try and wear baggier pants to hide the bulge from my diapers.

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