Travel When Aging

Over the next 20 years, baby boomers are going to be fueling most of the worlds travel industry. As many are already in their retirement years, they have found that travel packages offer them numerous benefits. They have the opportunity to enjoy buffet lunches and take bus tours all over the world. Reaching your senior years poses different challenges when you travel. Here are some suggestions that will make your vacation adventure fun and comfortable.
Planning for travel will increase your enjoyment !

Compression stockings

If you are planning to sit for long periods of time, you will need a good pair of compression stockings.

Compression stockings look similar to a pair of athletic socks or a nice pair of pantyhose. Sitting for several hours at a time usually leads to numbness in the legs. When you wear compression stockings, they will help to move the blood more efficiently in the legs and feet, preventing your legs and feet from becoming numb. Wearing compression stockings can also help to prevent blood clots from developing, which are common for seniors as they sit and travel in a car or airplane for several hours. Compression stockings must be worn all day in order to work properly.

In addition to wearing compression stockings, you must also get up and walk around as you travel. You need to keep the blood moving in the legs and feet. Sitting for several hours at a time will cause it to pool and this can cause damage to the veins.

Your doctor can recommend which compression level is best for you.


As we age, the organs and muscles in the body start to deteriorate and they are no longer able to work properly. Unfortunately the bladder is unable to hold a large amount of urine and it can leak. While you may be able to take care of this problem at home since you are close to a restroom, it isn’t that easy on a vacation. A good pair of extra absorbent underwear will catch any extra leaks from the bladder, allowing you to have a nice vacation without worrying about urinating in the plane or in the car. For a decent pair of absorbent underwear, browse through this selection that will help you find one for your gender:


No matter what age you are, it is easy to become constipated on a vacation. Sitting in the same position for several hours at a time and eating unhealthy foods on the road can quickly block up your intestines. Drink plenty of water and stretch often to keep the bowels moving stools along properly. If your stools start to back up, you will need to try taking some laxatives that will help to soften the stool and allow it to pass through the body. If laxatives do not work, you can try using an enema to help the stool pass through the body. An enema can be purchased for about $9.00 and they are fairly simple to use.

To try and keep your diet healthy on your vacation, take some nutritional shakes with you. Nutritional shakes will allow you to get all of your daily vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and it will provide you with a consistent energy level while you are on your vacation.

Hearing aid

Another problem you will run into when you are traveling is hearing problems. Airplanes and cars are loud and it can be difficult to carry on a conversation over the loud roar of an engine. A nice hearing aid device can be found here:  This device costs less than the hearing aid device you can purchase from your doctor and it works just as well.

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Jessa said...

Hearing aids are really important for the aging traveler to enjoy his trips at the fullest- by having a firm grasp at the sights and sounds of the place.

hearing centre

CareGiver Partnership said...

Jessa, thank you for your comments. We agree. I'm always saddened when I see individuals in the dining room of long term care facilities and no one is talking because in many cases, they can't hear. Dining is such a social experience. Anything that can help them should be used.

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