8 Tips on Choosing Disposable Wipes or Washcloths

Washcloths help keep skin healthy
There's More to Incontinence Than Adult Diapers Don't Forget Your skin as you need to care for the skin surrounding the vagina or penis. In many cases people will simply change their incontinence products without using wipes, which can lead to sores and rashes on the skin. It is important that you cleanse the skin by washing it or by using wipes in order to remove the excess urine. When you are choosing a disposable cloth or wipes for your incontinence needs it is important to look at all of the options out there.

The following information will help you find the right incontinence products, wipes, and washcloths.

To get started it helps to understand which products you should be using for your situation. You can find these products by going here: http://www.caregiverpartnership.com/incontinence-product-finder/. You may find that you prefer the washable incontinence products to the disposable products as they are easier to maintain and are discrete.

Here are 8 additional tips that will make selection incontinence products easier:
  1. Are you sensitive to perfumes? If you commonly have a rash or a reaction to any type of perfume that is in deodorant or in lotion, you want to avoid using any product on the genitals that is scented. This can cause a terrible rash and may even lead to painful sores if the skin is further agitated.
  2. Do you have an allergic reaction to lanolin? Like the perfumes, some people will have a skin reaction to lanolin as it causes a rash to occur. Lanolin is commonly used to help moisten the skin and to help if the skin is cracking or it is dry.
  3. Where will you be using the cloths? Washcloths are wonderful at cleaning the skin but you should have specific washcloths for the genitals compared to using them on other areas of the body. This way the cloths will stay softer and will not scratch the sensitive skin surrounding the genitals. It is also easier to keep them sterile if they are properly cleaned and only used for the genitals.
  4. Do you prefer washcloths or would you like to use disposable wipes? Which do you prefer when you are cleaning the skin surrounding the genitals. Factor in the cost of the disposable wipes compared to the washcloths: http://caregiverpartnership.com/category/24/.
  5. What is most convenient? Convenience always needs to be considered as you are determining what type of wipe you would like to use. The disposable wipes often come in pop-up boxes that are easy to use as you can grab them with one hand and keep the other wipes sterile. The other nice thing about wipes is that they can travel with you, allowing you to continue your routine when you are away from home.
  6. What about contamination? If you are concerned about contamination it is a good idea to use the disposable products. These wipes are sealed to prevent bacteria from growing and they are flushed or thrown away which can dramatically decrease the risk of contamination like you will get if you use a washcloth.
  7. Are you brand loyal? Some people only purchase products by certain manufactures and this may end up playing a role in your decision o choose disposable wipes over washcloths. It is important to consider the cost and to look for coupons on specials as you may get a discount on the wipes if you purchase the same brand of incontinence pads or underwear.
  8. It is a good idea to try out both the disposable wipes and the washcloths so you can test to see which one you like best and which one will work well for your situation. For additional information on managing incontinence please visit: http://www.caregiverpartnership.com/landing/incontinence/.

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