Tips for keeping Your Loved One Comfortable in a Wheelchair

It can be devastating for both the elderly, and those who love them, to learn that your senior must now use a wheelchair for mobility. When walking is no longer possible for your loved one, a wheelchair can be used to provide mobility. However, while sitting in a wheelchair, and either operating it or being pushed, may seem easy for most people it is not a comfortable experience for long hours or days in a row. The good news is that there are steps you can take that will help make your wheel chair bound loved more comfortable, and give life in the wheelchair the highest quality possible.

Whether you are a concerned family member, or the caregiver of a senior, here are some tips for keeping your loved one comfortable-
  • Choose the right clothes-Many articles of clothing are not conducive to being worn in a wheelchair. Zippers, hard to use and intricate closures, on clothes are not easy to wear when you are in a wheelchair. In addition, these items can rub on delicate skin making it uncomfortable, or even causing pressure ulcers. Better clothing choices include pull-on clothing with out closures, Velcro, and even ponchos or wraps instead of bulky coats. You can still choose clothing that will allow your loved one to be stylish (if they desire), and yet remain comfortable while being in their wheelchair.
  • Choose the right wheelchair-Many people feel that they must choose the first wheelchair they come across, or that all wheelchairs are alike. Today there is a huge selection of wheelchairs that can be outfitted for the specific needs of your loved one. Experts recommend that one of the most important steps in choosing a wheelchair is to measure the body of the user. This way you will not get a wheelchair that does not provide adequate support, or is too big, and uncomfortable. Having the right wheelchair that fits the body of your loved one can go a long way toward making them comfortable. 
  • Choose the right support-There is a number of items that can be used to help the wheelchair bound elderly feel much more comfortable in their chairs. These items range from the right foot support that helps promote circulation and proper posture, to wheelchair pads that cushion the seat of the wheelchair. Using the right pad in the wheelchair can not only add comfort, but can aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers and many today are made from material that channels heat and vapor away from the body. If incontinence is an issue waterproof pads can be added that protect delicate skin and keep the wheelchair from being damaged. At they offer a wide variety of items that will provide both support and comfort for your wheelchair bound loved one.
  • Choose the right accessories-Your loved one can feel a lot more comfortable in their wheelchair if they have what they want and need accessible to them. Today there is a wide variety of accessories that can be attached to the wheelchair that allow the elderly to have a lap pad (for working on), cup holder, or even storage for magazines or handy work. In addition, if your loved one uses a special cushion on their wheelchair, there is a wide variety of cushion covers that can make them even more comfortable. These add-ons can make using a wheelchair alot more comfortable for your loved one, and allow them some measure of independence despite being in the wheelchair. 

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