Helpful Tool To Help Prevent Falls At Home

A one of a kind tension mounted grab bar. 
For seniors and those who lack mobility, falling is a common occurrence. These falls can have devastating impact for seniors regardless of when or where they occur. The dangers of falling are well documented.

According to
  • 33%of the population over the age of 65 will fall each year
  • Those who fall once are 2 to 3 times more likely to fall again
  • 55% of all falls take place inside the home
  • 47% of non-injured fallers cannot get up without assistance
  • 40 percent of nursing home admissions are due to either falls or fear of falling
When you consider the fact that many falls go un-reported or un-noticed, these numbers are even more staggering. Fall prevention is a top priority for caregivers and independent seniors across the nation.

Prevail Super Plus Absorbent Pull-On Underwear

5 reasons why Prevail Super Plus Absorbent Pull-On Underwear
can be a good choice. 
Here’s how to choose the right incontinence product for you

When someone is first diagnosed with incontinence they often feel overwhelmed. Not only are there treatment decisions to be made but management strategies must be decided on also. Treatment can often take time so it is crucial that anyone with incontinence have the right incontinence supplies for their needs, to help them manage and deal with their incontinence.

Depend Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency

One of the most effective incontinence products for men. 
It’s a Her & His Problem

When people think of incontinence they automatically assume it’s only a “woman’s problem” and men don't have to deal with it. While the majority of those with incontinence are female there are still a substantial percentage of men who deal with incontinence. Many men discover they are incontinent after having prostrate surgery or suffering a nerve damaging injury or disease.

Not to long ago, men who were trying to manage their incontinence had to settle for a woman’s incontinence product. Today, that is no longer the case. Men who are dealing with incontinence symptoms while seeking treatment can find the right incontinence product which will meet their needs. One of the most effective is Depend Underwear for Men Maximum Absorbency. There are 3 reasons why to choose this incontinence product. 

5 Money-Saving Tips for Incontinence-Related Tax Deductions

Start with talking to your doctor about your medical condition.
Individuals managing incontinence may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement of their products, depending on age, medical condition, income and local resources.

Expenses for incontinence supplies may be tax deductible if shown they’re needed to relieve the effects of a specific disease, according to U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidelines. In cases where incontinence products are needed for a condition like simple bladder weakness, individuals may have other options for reimbursement.

What do I do now? Proper Etiquette for Disposing of Incontinence Products

There is no need to worry about changing your
incontinence product, no matter where you are. 
Marge quickly entered the restroom at her office. Not only was she going in to change her incontinence product but she needed to dispose of her adult diaper in a discreet manner. She didn’t want her co-workers to know she was wearing incontinence products. She was afraid that not only would the sight of an incontinence product in the garbage give away her secret but even if she was able to tuck it further down in the garbage then the odor might give it away, anyway. 

Today, there is no need to worry about changing your incontinence product no matter where you are. There are a number of incontinence supplies which can help you do this both discreetly and comfortably. One of these is the Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags. This type of incontinence supplies will allow you to change your incontinence product and dispose of it without anyone knowing. There are a number of reasons to use Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags. Here are a few of them-


Don't be caught with an incontinence product
that doesn't provide the absorbency you need. 
One of the biggest challenges in managing incontinence is making sure you don’t have leaks or accidents especially when you are least expecting it! I found myself in the store the other day in a line which was to long and my incontinence underwear didn’t provide the absorbency that I needed. I had to rush from the store as urine streamed down my leg. My embarrassment turned to horror when I reached my car and saw I had soaked through the clothes I was wearing. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common as many people find the incontinence product they are using does not provide the absorbency they need. 

For many women (and men) who are dealing with incontinence they tend to stay at home and try to manage it as best they can. However, you may be surprised to find that among the 25 million people who are dealing with various forms of incontinence, there is a majority of people who hold jobs, have active social lives and hobbies they want to participate in away from home. Having the right incontinence supplies can help you or someone in your care continue to live life to the fullest and not have incontinence hold them back. For many women Depend Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency can be the right choice.

I sharted on my run this morning!

A shart could happen to anyone. 
I sharted on my run this morning! Do you know what a shart is? Besides embarrassing!

Shart (Urban Dictionary): a small, unintended defecation that occurs when one relaxes the anal sphincter to fart (blend of "shit" and "fart").

I was out on my regular morning run. I was going for a ten miler. Five miles out, and five miles back. Just as I was making the turn to return to my house, I let out what I thought was going to be a little gas. Running often stirs up the gases, so it is not uncommon to let them out while on the run. But instead of a fart, I got a shart!

In other words, I was more than 5 miles from home when I let out what I thought was gas, and turned out to be more. 5 miles of running with crap in my pants. Not fun. Not comfortable. Not to mention—totally embarrassing.

I was just glad I was alone this morning, and not running with a buddy. I don’t know what I would have done. Now I am not anxious about going for runs because what if this happens again?

Amazon Pulls Elements Private Label Baby Diapers After Only 6-Weeks

Jeff Bezos, Amazon holding a package of Elements baby diapers
In late November 2014,  #Amazon announced a major initiative when they entered the gigantic disposable baby diaper category with their own brand named #Elements. The folks at #Kimberly-Clark (#Huggies) and #P&G (#Pampers and #Luvs) were none too happy as they had been partnering with Amazon. They were caught flat footed.

On January 22, Amazon discovered they really didn't know the disposable baby diaper category well or what Mom's were really looking for. They entered with an inferior design sold at comparable prices to premium brands, a loosing formula as many players have discovered since the early 1970's when disposables really started to catch on. The list of unsuccessful brands and companies is long including J&J, Scott, Borden and International Paper to name a few.  Tom Falk, CEO of Kimberly-Clark referred to the introduction as more of a media than consumer event. 

What went wrong?  The issue was that Amazon did not create a unique and distinctive product design. The product also didn't have a brand positioning that Mom's cared much about. Mom's rated it 3.4 stars... about a point lower than Huggies and Pampers.  The bigger issue is what will the Elements brand stand for - especially across categories.  The Amazon Elements claims were:  1) premium products (they aren't), 2) Transparent origins (Mom's really aren't' that concerned - except for wipes where they want to make sure there is no alcohol) and 3) Exclusive to Prime (that means you have to pay $99 for the priviledge to purchase a sub-premium diaper at roughly a parity cost.

Having been the CMO of Huggies products (baby diapers, training pants and wipes for 5 years at Kimberly-Clark, baby diapers are one of the most competitive categories. When I took over, the CEO welcomed me saying "Welcome to the ultimate stress test". The brand represents $7 billion in sales.

Major success... then big failure in the 1970's
Lesson learned. During the 1970's, Kimberly-Clark introduced a very successful diaper brand - Kimbies - to compete against Pampers and J&J. The product initially did really well -- until they cost reduced it. Sales plummeted as mom's revolted. K-C ultimately wrote off hundreds of millions of dollars. They stuck with it however and came back with Huggies, the first diaper to stop leaks at the legs where most leakage occurs -- they invented leg elastics at the time. Within 5 years, Huggies became the #1 selling diaper. Mom's use these products multiple times a day and can easily detect minute differences and changes. Its a bit of the Schlitz beer story.

The issue with Amazon's strategy is their internal team didn't have experience with diapers or how to position them correctly. The other equally critical issue apparently was product quality and consistency. Their supplier Irving Paper has little to no consumer product marketing expertise. They have not stated what the product issues were. See test results below, conducted by Carlos Richter, industry expert.

The result was Amazon was offering a sub-premium product with no product point of difference or meaningful brand positioning and were trying to sell them at a similar price per diaper to Huggies and Pampers. Apparently product quality was such a major issue causing Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to pull the plug after only 6-weeks.

I called Amazon to learn more and discovered that their customer service people had not yet been told about the discontinuation as of January 22.

I think Amazon will need to work with people who have hands on diaper product development and brand positioning experience and then team up with an A+ supplier. Kimberly-Clark and P&G are out because they don't manufacture private label (K-C does Costco). First Quality Products or Domtar would be logical choices.

Here is a good review of Amazon Elements baby diapers and wipes.


Product Bench Test Results
Carlos Richer (
Diaper Industry Consulting, Nonwoven and Consumer Products.
Owner of LinkedIn's largest Diaper Network, 5,875+ contacts

The following is Carlos assessment and his opinion of the Amazon Elements baby diaper based on one bag of diapers. The product tested was a size 4 diaper that was shipped to him on January 20; date code: B143031711.
  • Amazon`s diapers had a high standard deviation for the centrifugal capacity, indicating a SAP (super absorbent polymer) variation between diapers as high as 1.05 grams at 1 sigma. It means some diapers had more than 2 grams variation of SAP at 95% probability (most likely within the same bag).
  • Amazon`s diaper use an ADL (acquisition distribution layer) of 45 GSM, one of the lowest weights when compared with other US made diapers. As an example, Huggies uses twice as much.
  • Amazon`s diaper had one of the slowest strike through times when compared to other US brands.
In Carlos opinion, the diaper is good overall, but does not support the claims of being a premium design. He believes it is similar to other private labels, but doesn’t offer a unique and distinctive point of difference.

If anyone wants to know how Amazon Elements compare with other brands, Carlos offers a full diaper performance and reverse engineering report that compares many NAFTA diapers, all in size 4 (including the Amazon Elements), and several KC`s, P&G`s brands. The cost is $99 (usually $495). Carlos is testing price elasticity.

Working to regain share
Kimberly-Clark Update - Kimberly-Clark announced on January 23, that they have been caught in a no-man's land with their Huggies Snug & Dry brand between premium Pampers and value priced Luvs/private label and have lost a reported 15% of its market share compared to 2008. In order to claw-back, they intend to enhance the value equation with a mix of product enhancements (end of Q1 on main line) and other news later in the year, promotional pricing, in-store merchandising and higher levels of ad spend. No specific details were provided, except an acknowledgement that P&G's Luvs has been promoted every week this year by at least one big retailer and has grown share by 2 points.

By Tom Wilson, Co-Founder and President of The CareGiver Partnership and Managing Partner of CenterBrain Partners, Inc., a 25-year old leading brand positioning consultancy.  I also consult in the personal care space with investment houses, equity firms, suppliers of raw materials to the industry, market intelligence firms, start-ups, manufacturers and others.  You can reach me at or at 920-886-8162. 

Confusion on Aisle 6

The Incontinence Product Finder
saves you time, money and frustration.
When I first went to the store to buy adult diapers for my mother I was surprised to learn there are so many choices when it comes to incontinence products. It seemed it would be a difficult and almost impossible choice to find just the right one. Many people aren’t shocked to learn that nearly 25 million people deal with the issues surrounding incontinence. The individuals who need to manage incontinence along with caregivers are always looking for strategies to better deal with this issue while seeking treatment. However, because of the many choices which are available it can be difficult to choose. 

Consumers are very confused about which incontinence products will work best for them or a loved one. In a recent study, Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend and Poise brands, discovered that those buying incontinence products for the first time, waste $130 on average in trial and error mode. That’s about 10 bags of products that can’t be returned, once opened.

Stress Urinary Incontinence Vs. Overactive Bladder. What's the Difference?

Gotta Go, Gotta Go
As I arrived home from work and put the key into my front door I was suddenly overcome with the urge to urinate. I could barely get into the front door and down the hall to my bathroom before I began leaking urine! This wasn't the first time this had happened but I had to wonder what was happening to me and my bladder?

Many people find they are facing this scenario as they grow older. It is crucial to understand incontinence of any kind is not a result of aging. There are many different reasons this can happen and many of them are more common as we get older. However, it is critical to determine what is happening with your loss of bladder control since there are  different types of incontinence which require different treatment and management strategies. One of the most common issues is trying to figure out if you are dealing with stress urinary incontinence or overactive bladder. There are significant differences. Here are a few:

  • Physical stress-If you are experiencing stress urinary incontinence then your bladder leakage is usually brought on by physical stress. This can include but is not limited to: sneezing, coughing, strenuous physical activity (such as exercise), or even simply lifting something. If you are dealing with overactive bladder (or urge incontinence) this is most often not the case.

  • Outside stress-If you are experiencing overactive bladder many times you will find there are certain triggers. This can include but is not limited to: the sound of running water, cold weather, changing positions, showering and many other triggers. This is not the same as someone who has stress incontinence which usually requires a physical reaction to the body.

  • Previous physical injury-Many women who are experiencing stress urinary incontinence have sustained a previous injury to the pelvic muscles or bladder during pregnancy or childbirth. Unfortunately, this may not manifest for many years. In addition, the physical changes which can happen at menopause can often bring about stress urinary incontinence, as well. This is not most often not the case when it comes to overactive bladder.

Determining the kind of incontinence you are experiencing is important since there are different treatment options. There are exercises, medications, and other devices which can be used for both types of incontinence but surgery is usually reserved only for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.

It important to understand that seeking treatment is important in dealing with any type of incontinence. However, it can take some time for your symptoms to be resolved. In the meantime there are management strategies which can help you continue on with your normal routine. There are a variety of different incontinence products which are designed to help you manage your symptoms while you work, socialize and participate in your daily activities There are also incontinence supplies which will help you to protect bedding and furniture from unwanted leakage and help to minimize the embarrassment from leakage and accidents.

While it can seem daunting to find the right incontinence product to best fit your needs or those of someone in your care the good news is there is help. The CareGiver Partnership offers a highly knowledgeable all-female team who have each been a caregiver to a loved one. Since this is their only business, they know incontinence products inside and out

Try Before You Buy Incontinence Product Sample Service

According to Kimberly-Clark's consumer research the average consumer wastes over $130 the first time they buy incontinence products. It is easy to get confused about products, brands, styles, and sizes, as well as absorbency. Once a package is opened, it can’t be returned, making mistakes costly. In order to avoid making this costly mistake, take advantage of The CareGiver Partnership’s ‘try before you buy sample service.  Learn more in this short video.           

Avoid wasting money on trial and error. Try Before You Buy. 
Quickly sort through over 650 products.

 Samples can be purchased in sets of 2 to 4 for just $3.49.  For personalized attention service, speak with a knowledgeable female product specialist at 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 central time.

Another very helpful tool is the Incontinence Product Finder, a simple tool which helps you quickly sort through over 650 product choices. 

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Call us. We're here to help.
About The CareGiver Partnership. The CareGiver Partnership helps caregivers and their loved ones with answers to their caregiving questions, including information about home health care products and supplies, from our Wisconsin-based team of Product Specialists who are all current or former caregivers. The company’s Web site provides the largest online library of resources on subjects most important to caregivers — from arthritis to assisted living, and Parkinson’s to prostate cancer — as well as access to more than 3,000 home care products for incontinence, skin care, mobility, home safety and daily living aids. The CareGiver Partnership was founded in 2004 by Lynn Wilson of Neenah, Wisc. Visit to learn more or call 1-800-985-1353. 

A Review of Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency

Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency is a popular choice.
When most people think of incontinence they picture someone is who is elderly, ill and maybe even bedridden. However, you may be surprised to learn nearly 25 million people must deal with various forms of incontinence. Many of these people are younger, active and hold jobs and active social lives. This makes it critical to understand about the options which are available in incontinence products.

It can be confusing to choose from the many different options when it comes to incontinence supplies. There are many different factors which will need to be taken into account such as the hip and waist size of the wearer, their shape, gender, and the absorbency that is needed. Today incontinence products come in a wide range of sizes, are designed for the specific needs of each gender (which can be dramatically different), and come in a range of absorbencies. If these factors are not taken into account then the wearer may end up with an incontinence product which does not work as well as it should and does not provide the needed level of absorbency and protection. If a garment or pad does not fit well, it will leak. Eighty percent of leaks occur at the rear buttock area usually due to wearing an ill-fitting product.

Nursing Homes: The Pros and Cons of Medicaid-Sponsored Residents

The pros and cons of medicaid-sponsored residents
Guest post contributed by Senior Planning Services 

Applicants to nursing home care have several avenues of funding at their disposal besides out-of-pocket payments, including, long-term care insurance, Medicare for a short stay and Medicaid for a prolonged stay.

There are many facilities that accept Medicaid-sponsored residents while many do not. Here we have examined some of the pros and cons for nursing homes to accept vs. deny Medicaid residents to their facility. We’ve also looked at some stats on the average length of a nursing home stay, the average age of residents, and the percent of patients on Medicaid.

My Occasional Unexpected Diarrhea Kept Me From Seeing Friends

One in five women over forty experience ABL. 
“As a woman of a certain age I expected my body to start letting me down some. I expected wrinkles. I expected a little pee when I laughed too hard or coughed. I expected my knees to creek and my eyes to be less sharp. But what I did not expect was accidental bowel leakage. 

Having stool leak unexpectedly was not in my plans. Never did I think that I would have to worry about soiled underwear, unexpected passing of gas, and worst of all unexpected diarrhea. My ABL is so embarrassing I stopped seeing friends. I am too afraid to venture out of the house for fear I will have a leak while out. I only leave my house to grocery shop, and even then I hurry, not lingering to chat even if I run into a friend. My unexpected diarrhea is keeping me from seeing friends, and I don’t know what to do about it. “

This story is far too common. One in five women over forty experience ABL. It is very disrupting to life, social or otherwise. The odor, the embarrassment, the discomfort all lead to isolation and frustration.

5 Signs Mom or Dad Need Help

Older adults with poor nutrition are more likely
to suffer greater consequences.
by Dianna Malkowski, physician assistant and registered dietitian 

When visiting elderly parents or other loved ones over the holidays, did you notice these signs of malnutrition or loss of mobility? Early identification and treatment can help a senior get back on track.

When seniors experience changes in eating habits and loss of mobility, it’s common to hide problems from family members out of fear of being forced to move to a nursing home. When families spend time together over the holidays, it’s often an eye opener for adult children. They may notice Mom or Dad looks frail or can’t get around as easily. Malnutrition can lead to physical and emotional problems at any age, but older adults with poor nutrition are more likely to be admitted to hospitals or long-term care facilities following illness, dementia or weight loss.

The Top 10 Urinary Incontinence Products

Sample these top 10 urinary incontinence products.
Are you in need of urinary incontinence products? Not sure where to start? At The CareGiver Partnership we not only sell the well known brands sold in most stores, but we also test and offer brands used by professionals and a range of brands from European countries including Italy, Sweden, Denmark and more. 

In fact we offer 677 different incontinence products, more than 10 times what the big stores offer.

This might seem a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, we have your back? You can try our Incontinence Product Finder to sort through the products to find what you need. Need personalized attention? We can do that too. You can speak with one of our ladies who are highly knowledgeable about all the products we offer. They've all been caregivers to loved ones themselves.

After a slip on ice and a small head injury, Arthur was closer to death than he knew.

According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause
of both fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults.
My friend’s father, Arthur, is a robust 72 year-old man, a recently-retired professor with a lifetime of research in Africa and Latin America behind him. He assumed that in retirement, he still had some of his best years ahead of him, but one small slip off his icy porch almost put an end to his life. 

We all live in a quaint central Pennsylvania college town where winter brings a damp, icy covering to the world. Arthur was headed out to an evening college function as the sun slowly set in the cloudy late afternoon sky. He stepped out his front door, onto his porch stairs, reaching back with his key to turn the lock. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in pitch darkness, face down in the snow at the bottom of his stairs in a frozen pool of his own blood, with his nose broken and left leg immobile.

That fall could well have ended his life. The CDC reports that in 2011, about 22,900 older adults died from unintentional fall injuries. Arthur was relatively lucky. He broke his knee and worse, sustained a concussion, that had he not received immediate medical attention, could have led to brain damage, strokes, and even death.

Unfortunately, Arthur’s story is not an uncommon one. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, half of all accidental deaths in the home are caused by a fall. Most fall injuries in the home happen at ground level, not from an elevation.

Half of all accidental deaths in the home
are caused by a fall.
The stairs, decks, front porches, breezeways and other entries into our homes can be some the most dangerous places in our worlds in wet and icy conditions. According to the CDC, such falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults.

Adult Diaper Review- Top 6 Brands

With hundreds of products available to help manage incontinence,
we offer education.
There are over 18 million American adults with urinary incontinence. There are hundreds of products available to help manage incontinence from adult diapers, pull on underwear, pads, guards, briefs, and so much more. It can be confusing and difficult to know which are the best. The prices vary, the absorbency varies, the fit and sizing vary. 

At the Caregiver Partnership we realize how confusing and overwhelming this can be and offer solutions. We offer an The Incontinence Product Finder that quickly and easily helps you sort through the more than 650 product offerings we carry. We offer help of live individuals who have all been caregivers and are very familiar with the product lines and can help you select the best product for your needs. And we offer a try before you buy program where you can purchase small sample packs to try before buying in bulk to help reduce unnecessary spending and help you find the right product every time!

What is Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL)?

What is ABL? 
Accidental bowel leakage or ABL is the inability to control the passage of stool and gas. It can be mild or severe. Meaning some individuals may just have trouble holding in gas, while others may struggle to hold in stool.

Due to the rather embarrassing nature of this condition, many do not seek help or treatment because they don’t want to talk about it. However, there is help. There are treatments to help control it, and tools and resources to help manage it in order to maintain dignity and normalcy.

5 Ways New Technology is Helping Seniors

5 ways new technology is helping seniors. 
Guest post by Felicity Dryer 

In the past, technological advancement for the mainstream population often surpassed senior citizens’ abilities to make use of them. As people aged, they began to find themselves feeling more obsolete, unable to keep up with the fast paced society around them. 

Nowadays, with the seamless ease of so many digital choices, seniors are easily integrated into many more technological opportunities than ever before. Digital sophistication offers a broader spectrum that is no longer only relegated to the young and agile. It brings everything from communication, problem solving, effortless travel and even compassionate in-home health care into a senior’s world that they would have never had the chance to experience at any other time.

These 5 ways new technology is helping seniors offers a small example of the multitude of digital (and otherwise) opportunities that can easily advance the elderly population.

5 Ways to Keep the Elderly Safe in Extreme Winter Weather

Brutally cold temps require extra precautions
to keep our senior loved ones safe. 
by Dianna Malkowski, physician assistant and registered dietitian

As historically cold weather moves through the Midwest and other parts of the country, the elderly are especially susceptible to its dangers.

The elderly are especially at risk during weather extremes for several reasons: limited mobility, instability that can lead to slips and falls, physical changes that make it difficult to regulate body temperature, and flu dangers. The brutally cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing require extra precautions to keep our senior loved ones safe.

Tax Deductibility of Incontinence Supplies

Are incontinence supplies a tax deductible? 
With tax time right around the corner many caregivers and individuals are wondering if their incontinence supplies are tax deductible. With over 18 million people in the US having urinary incontinence this is not only a valid question, but one that gets asked often.

Unfortunately the answer is not cut and dry, as most IRS guidelines are, there are some conditions that need to be met, and some qualifications that have to be considered before you can use incontinence products as tax deductions.

How to Conceal Your Adult Diapers When Out in Public

Consider the following to conceal your adult diapers. 
One concern of those with incontinence is how to discreetly wear their absorbent products out in public. A bulky diaper may do the trick for catching leaks, but it can also cause some embarrassment if it is noticeable. 

In the United States, an estimated 18 million people have daily urinary incontinence, and another 34 million feel the need to urinate with increasing urgency and frequency but manage to avoid accidents. One in four women have incontinence. And many elderly. This is a common problem, but that does not make it any less embarrassing to wear adult diapers out in public.

So what can you do to conceal your adult diapers when in public to make incontinence less embarrassing, and have less impact on your day-to-day life? Consider the following:

Understanding the Taboos About Bladders and Bowels... and more.

For individuals with live day to day with
bladder and/or bowel incontinence. 
Managing Life with Incontinence is the newest book from The Simon Foundation for Continence. Written specifically for individuals who live day to day with bladder and/or bowel incontinence, the book also provides information that will be useful for home caregivers, physicians, and nurses who understand their patients’ frustrations and wish to more fully understand the quality of life issues facing people with incontinence that cannot be easily managed, controlled or cured.

In recent years, new treatments and medications for incontinence have brought hope to many, yet the fact remains that millions of individuals worldwide cannot be cured by current medical science. These individuals need inspiration, empowerment, and easy access to information for the management of their incontinence in order to rise above its personal impact and strive for a full life. This book fills that need.

Why Seniors Fall and How To Prevent It

Risk factors for falling and
7 tips for helping to prevent falls.
Every year over 13 million seniors fall, that is one every few seconds. Falls can mean broken bones, hospital stays, dehydration (if they are unable to get up on their own and not found for several hours), and so many other medical complications. Falls can be especially harmful if they happen at night when the senior is alone. 

Why do seniors tend to fall so often? Falling doesn’t just happen, and it is not a direct consequence of getting old. However, certain risk factors for increased falling tend to be higher in the senior community.

A Review of the Best Incontinence Products

A review of some of the best incontinence products
on the market today. 
Having the right incontinence products can take a pesky problem and turn it into only a slight nuisance. The right products for managing incontinence can help make day-to-day life easier and “normal”.

However, one of the challenges most people with incontinence face when it comes to management is finding the right products to use. There are tons of different styles, options, brands, sizes, and more which can make selecting the right product not only expensive by very overwhelming.

Reading reviews and talking to a product expert can help to narrow down the choices, and make selection easier. And trying to products out will help you know for sure that you not only found the right product for your needs, but for your specific situation. There is often a little trial and error involved, but education yourself will help speed up the process and get you on your way to better managing your incontinence symptoms.

Announcing Butterfly Body Liners. Help For Those Experiencing Accidental Bowel Leakage. (ABL)

Only Butterfly has a gentle adhesive
that stays in place for comfortable protection.
Are you one of the tens of millions of men and women in the United States that deal with accidental bowel leakage? Whether minor or severe, the symptoms of accidental bowl leakage, or ABL, can be frustrating, embarrassing, and anxiety causing.

ABL is characterized by little bowel leaks that are unexpected. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to this happening, from sensitive bowels, stress, and muscle damage. Conditions such as obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, prostate treatments, and pelvic floor disorders can lead to symptoms or worsen symptoms.

How Many Men Feel Following Prostate Surgery

Fortunately, times have changed and side effects
have less impact on day-to-day life. 
According to the FDA, prostate cancer kills more than 30,000 American men each year. It is the most prevalent male cancer, and thus it is very common for men to undergo prostate surgery, although radiation or watchful waiting are also options for treatment. 

According to the American Cancer Society, about one in six American men get prostate cancer at some point in their life. While prostate surgery, is not the only option, it is the most commonly used option to remove the prostate and fight the cancer. Tens of thousands of men each year undergo prostatectomy.

With so many men opting to undergo this surgery, it is not surprising many want to know what to expect post surgery? How will they feel? How will things operate?

How do these men feel following prostate surgery?

Win FREE Home Health Care Products Every Month in 2015

The CareGiver Partnership is giving away valuable prizes every month in 2015. Contest participants are only required to submit a short statement explaining how they or a loved one would benefit from the product highlighted that month.

To celebrate our mission of helping seniors enjoy life, our popular “Helping You Get On With Life” monthly product sweepstakes will continue throughout 2015. In its third year, the sweepstakes includes products and services for seniors and caregivers. Participants need only e-mail or mail a short statement each month for a chance to win.

With 10,000 boomers turning 65 every day for the next 20 years, this growing market is attracting the attention of home health care product manufacturers. Not only is there a need for manufacturers to provide enhanced products and services to better meet the needs of seniors and caregivers, there is also a need to raise awareness among the caregiver community of the many product and service solutions available.

Each month, we’ll highlight a family caregiver solution, and one lucky winner will receive that prize package. Items to be highlighted and given away are products and services that help seniors live more independently and gracefully in their homes. As in previous years, prizes include home-delivered Mom’s Meals, Stander mobility tools, senior skin care items, and premium-quality products from brands such as Prevail, Depend, TENA, Wellness, Attends, Heaven Scent and more.

This month, one winner will receive two prizes with a combined value of up to $159:

The winner can select any style, size or absorbency. 

  • Prevail pads or underwear Prevail built its reputation based on providing excellent value and offers many choices, sizes and absorbencies. The winner can select any style, size or absorbency. Choices include absorbent underwear, boxers for men, or pads in several lengths for women. This prize is valued at up to $68.
Win 14 freshly prepared, delivered meals.
  • 14 freshly prepared meals delivered to the winner’s doorstep, courtesy of Mom’s Meals. Designed to meet the needs of our aging population, each meal contains fresh foods, is microwaveable and will keep in the refrigerator for two weeks. Mom’s Meals offers 45 unique meal choices, including specialty choices like low-sodium, low-fat, gluten-free and more. This prize is valued at $90.86.
We’re kicking off this year’s sweepstakes with Prevail and Mom’s Meals because both these brands help seniors age in place. Prevail is as much about hope, trust and dignity as it is about incontinence. Mom’s Meals helps fight hunger and malnutrition among seniors who don’t qualify for federal or state nutrition programs.

For a chance to win this month’s prize package, participants need only e-mail or mail a short statement explaining why the prize would be useful to him or her or a loved one. We will accept entries for this prize through Jan. 31, 2015, and will notify the drawing winner the first week of February. Visit the “Helping You Get On With Life” sweepstakes page for details.

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