The Swiss Army Knife of Emergency Response Systems

Multiple tools in one phone.
Seniors often find that they feel safer and more independent, and that their caregivers feel a greater sense of peace of mind if they have an emergency response system in place.

What is an emergency response system? An emergency response system is a system that allows a senior living alone, or on their own to alert authorities, caregivers, etc. should they find themselves in an emergency situation, such as having taken a fall, etc. There are a number of different options for emergency response systems, all of which offer their own unique set of benefits.

What are the common features? The most common feature in an emergency response system is having a portable device of tool that can be used quickly and easily to alert someone (police, caregivers, a third party system operator) that emergency assistance is needed.

My Health Phone is just such an emergency response system, but it outdoes the competition, and provides so much more than just a way to call for help. Put simply, it would be like calling a Swiss Army Knife simply a pocketknife. It does so much more.

How does My Health Phone exceed the standards? In a nutshell, My Health Phone exceeds industry standards by providing a greater range of usefulness at a similar price point. The following are a list of the features and benefits of the My Health Phone that make it the most useful emergency response system in the market:
  • You can use it almost anywhere: This is probably the most important feature, and the one that sets it apart. My Health Phone is a fully-functional cell phone that works almost anywhere. This means that seniors can get emergency response wherever they are, not just in their home, but their yard, while traveling, etc. This gives a whole new meaning to independence and freedom. Slips and falls, and other emergency situations do not contain themselves to a senior’s home, so the emergency response system should not either.
  • Check-Ins: My Health Phone understands that not all emergencies occur in a way that the senior can notify someone, and this is why My Health Phone's software can be set up to make regular check-in contact. This can be done through calls or text message or email, and the user or caregiver can determine how frequent these check-ins should be, and when. This way, you can always rest assured that should something happen, someone will be checking in at a set time.
  • Medication reminders: Seniors often have a lot of medications they have to take, and at various times. My Health Phone can be programmed easily to give regular medication reminders that are generic (Did you take your medication?) or specific (Please take 1 mg of this or that right now). This can really set the mind of the caregiver at ease, knowing they do not have to babysit the taking of meds, and the senior can also feel more at ease, knowing that they do not have to try and remember everything, but that they will get reminders.
  • Information: One of the most useful tools provided by My Health Phone is the ability to store electronic copies of important information, such as living wills, HIPPA releases, medical directives, etc. so that should an emergency occur, emergency personnel would have easy access to the information needed for treatment. It also means always having vital information on hand when traveling, etc.
  • Caregiver confirmation and assistance: This is just another feature that provides peace of mind, and ease to the caregiver. It is a confirmation system that lets caregivers know things like when medications were taken, that the senior responded to the check-in, that blood pressure, etc. are normal. This means less nagging, and more enjoyment of times spent with one another.

If you are looking for a tool that can help ease your mind, provide safety and protection for a senior, as well as ease of use My Health Phone is the emergency response system to get.

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