Joining Forces with Total Control® Women’s Wellness Program

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

Total Control Compete Kit
The CareGiver Partnership is teaming up with the nonprofit Women’s Health Foundation to make women aware of a low-impact wellness program. The Total Control program is proven in studies to help women improve and alleviate incontinence symptoms.

As a woman owned and operated business, we know how incontinence affects a woman’s ability to function with normalcy and dignity. We support Women’s Health Foundation in making women aware of how the Total Control program may help them better manage incontinence.

Designed by urogynecologists, exercise physiologists and physical therapists, Total Control has been offered in a fitness class format in hospital wellness and community-based centers since 2004. Due to program demand, it’s now available as an at-home exercise program.

The at-home Total Control program includes a 60-minute exercise DVD plus additional educational information on behavior management and lifestyle modifications. The program also is available as a complete kit and includes a poly-grip ball, resistance band, DVD and “You Go Girl ... But Only When You Want To!” bladder health handbook.

“All of our products — the class, the DVD, and our book — have been developed to empower women and give them a new ‘lease on life,’” says Missy Lavender, board president and founder of Women’s Health Foundation. “No one should have to worry about laughing or sneezing or wonder where the nearest bathroom is because she has to go every hour.”

The exercises and educational tips in the Total Control program have been shown to help improve and alleviate symptoms of incontinence. In a study published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2008, results among participants showed initial and long-term improvement in bladder control and strength of orgasms. Additionally, results reported at a one-year follow-up indicated improved bladder control, sexual function and quality of life.

After using Total Control, 70 percent of women reported fewer symptoms, even after a year, and nearly 80 percent reported an improvement in their quality of life. Testimonials from participants ranged from not having any accidents since taking the course to no longer being afraid to laugh. Total Control can help a woman with light bladder leakage “get back into life.”

Visit the Total Control Program site for more information on the program and products, personal stories, a community blog, news and fitness tips, and helpful links to other women’s health organizations.

The mission of Women’s Health Foundation, based in Chicago, is to improve the pelvic health and wellness of women and girls. The organization has focused on developing innovative, award-winning community-based programs and events since its inception in 2004.

For further reading, visit The CareGiver Partnership Incontinence page.

Lynn Wilson
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