Diabetes: A proactive approach to stimulating circulation to promote healthier feet

The FootMate TM System and Gel
If you suffer from diabetes you are probably aware of the dangers of foot problems due to poor circulation and damage to nerves. However, are you taking a proactive approach to promoting healthier feet? If you aren’t, you should be. Proper foot care is essential for those with diabetes. Complications, serious health problems, loss of sensitivity, and even the need for amputation are in the realms of possibility for those with diabetes. Thus, finding and using tools and methods for prevention can really save pain, heartache, and money down the road.

The FootMateTM System is one such preventative measure. It is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet in the shower. This is more than a foot scrubber, it is an essential tool for those with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association estimates that one in five people with diabetes who seek hospital care, do so for foot problems. Many of these foot problems are avoidable by taking proper care of your feet, including washing feet daily.

The FootMateTM System cleans the feet:
The unique rejuvenating gel used with the FootMateTM System is a natural antiseptic, cleanser, and conditioner. It was specifically formulated to be used for feet, and offers many beneficial ingredients that aid its cleansing and refreshing power. It has tea tree oil, which helps decrease foot odor, susceptibility to athlete’s foot, infection, etc. and it contains aloe, which helps heal and repair damaged skin. It is a powerful cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use. This is important for diabetics as the decreased sensitivity in feet often leads to being unaware of cuts, skin damage, etc. that can lead to infection and other health problems. A good cleanser prevents this, and keep feet healthy.

The FootMateTM System conditions the feet:
The FootMateTM System’s cleansing gel has more than cleansing properties, it also acts as a conditioner, which leaves skin soft and supple, making it less vulnerable to cracking, and damage.

The FootMateTM System massages the feet:
Probably the most important feature for those with diabetes is that the FootMateTM System massages the feet. Diabetics are more often prone to foot problems because diabetes can damage nerves and reduce blood flow or circulation in the feet. This leads to loss of sensitivity, which makes the feet a risky area. The complications that can arise from this are many. The FootMateTM System stimulates circulation and blood flow to the feet through massage. This not only eases tension, pain, and promotes balance, but eliminates many of the complications suffered from diabetes, as circulation problems can be kept to a minimum. Improved foot circulation means improved quality of life for diabetics.

Dawn Harper, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist 100M Hurdles, 
uses the FootMate TM System

Refresh, Renew, Restore with the FootMate TM System

The FootMate System thoroughly cleans, conditions, and massages the feet- including the often neglected areas between the toes. This promotes foot health, improved circulation and blood flow, and an all-over feeling of well-being and health. A must have for diabetics, or anyone who wants to take better care of their feet, and reap the benefits of doing so.

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