Male Incontinence Products-What to Consider When Buying

Male Incontinence Products

When many people think about incontinence they automatically assume that it is a problem that only affects women. However, you may be surprised to learn that while women most often experience incontinence there is a substantial amount of men who also must deal with incontinence. Just like with women there is a range of severity when it comes to male incontinence. Because of this there is a variety of different male incontinence products that can be used to help manage and deal with the issue. The key to choosing the right male incontinence product is to educate yourself about what is available and know what factors should be considered before purchasing. Here is what you need to know about male incontinence products.

There are many different factors to take into account before purchasing male incontinence products. Taking these factors in to consideration will help any man who is purchasing male incontinence products to make the right choice to meet their needs.
  • Style-Today, men no longer have to put up with wearing an oversized baby diaper, or a unisex incontinence product. There are a number of options that allow men to effectively manage their incontinence and go on with their normal, daily activities. Men can choose styles of incontinence undergarments that can be worn under normal clothing with comfort and discretion.
  • Cost-There is no denying that male incontinence products can be costly. However, by taking some time and doing some research most people find that they can choose an adult incontinence product that works for them and fits their budget.
  • Lifestyle-The lifestyle and the mobility of the man who needs male incontinence products should be taken into account. If the man with incontinence suffers from mobility problems or other medical issues he will need a much different male incontinence product then someone who is fully active and on the go.
  • Comfort-The bottom line is that whatever male incontinence products are chosen they should be comfortable. The wearer needs to make sure that he can wear the incontinence undergarment for long periods of time in order to effectively manage his incontinence. Comfort should be a high priority when choosing a male incontinence product.
There are two very broad categories of male incontinence products. These categories are-
  • Incontinence undergarments-Most men find that they need some sort of incontinence undergarment. This can be incontinence underwear that looks and feels like normal underwear or an adult diaper to help manage moderate to heavy incontinence.
  • Incontinence pads-This category is one of the most wildly used types of male incontinence products. The main benefit of using an incontinence pad is that they are easily changed and very easy to use. They are most often discreet and have a very high absorbency. Many men choose to wear them inside of normal underwear to help manage light incontinence or they can be added to any type of urinary incontinence product for added protection.
There are many different factors that you should take into account when you are looking at each type of male incontinence products. These factors include:
  • Workmanship-Users of male incontinence products should look for quality workmanship in whatever adult incontinence product that they choose to buy. The incontinence undergarment or incontinence pad should hold up even when its wet.
  • Absorbency-The male incontinence product should offer the highest level of absorbency possible.
  • Backing/Dry Weave-There should be backing on the male incontinence product that offers protection from soaking and dry weave material that wicks moisture away from the skin.


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