Poise Pads-The Solution for Light to Moderate Incontinence Management

Incontinence Management

When many people think of incontinence they assume that the person who is suffering from it has a complete loss of bladder and/or bowel control. The reality is that for many people incontinence can be anything from losing a few drops of urine to light leaking. This means that a full incontinence undergarment or adult diaper is not always necessary. The good news is that today incontinence sufferers can choose from a wide variety of incontinence products and other incontinence supplies that can help them to manage their incontinence no matter how light or severe. When a person is only experiencing light to moderate incontinence they often turn to using incontinence pads to help them manage their incontinence. This can often times be a highly effective solution.

One of the most widely used types of incontinence pads come from the line of Poise pads. This type of incontinence product can make managing incontinence especially easy and effective for the incontinence sufferer who is working, socializing, traveling, and still on the go even though they are managing incontinence. Poise pads can offer a wide range of different types of incontinence pads that can help anyone better deal with their incontinence with both discretion and comfort. Here are some of the reason to use Poise pads-
  • Poise pads come in a compact shape-The compact shape of Poise pads make them perfect to tuck into a bag or pocket and take them on the go. Many people need incontinence management strategies at work or at other places away from home and want to deal with their incontinence discreetly. Poise pads are designed to help you do just that.
  • Poise pads come in variety of different lengths-Not every body is the same and the makers of Poise pads understand this. Because of this they have designed incontinence pads that come in a variety of different lengths. This means that the wearer can choose the right length for their comfort and needs. No longer will the incontinence sufferer have to worry that they don’t have the right amount of coverage. You can choose from a wide variety of lengths of Poise pads that let you manage your incontinence with confidence.
  • Poise pads come in variety of different absorbencies-Not all incontinence is the same and the makers of Poise pads understand this. Even if you have only light incontinence your absorbency needs may vary from day to day. The good news is that whether you need a liner or maximum coverage from an incontinence pad there is a Poise pad to fit your needs. Incontinence sufferers should be aware that their absorbency needs may vary from day to night as well as from day to day. Having a variety of Poise pads on hand will help you to effectively manage your incontinence.
  • Poise pads offer an odor elimination feature-Because of the looser fit of incontinence pads many incontinence sufferer worry that the odors associated with incontinence will become noticeable. Poise pads come equipped with an odor neutralizer that helps to reduce the chances of odor becoming a problem and being noticed by others around you. This can help to make the managing of light to moderate incontinence much easier and more effective.
It should also be noted that incontinence pads can be part of a larger incontinence management strategy. Many incontinence sufferers are looking for ways to boost the efficacy of their incontinence undergarment and there are many Poise pads that can help to do this.


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