Odor Control: A Major Issue For Those With Incontinence

Odor control with the Akord Diaper Pail
Finding the proper solution for controlling the odor caused by used incontinence products may seem like a daunting, unwinnable task. Many “fly by night” schemes have been introduced and quickly retracted due to their lack of odor prevention. However, in order to know how to prevent the odor associated with incontinence products you must first understand the source of these odors, and you may be unpleasantly surprised: 

Different Incontinence Products To Use

Different Incontinence Products To Use
Trying to find the best incontinence products for yourself or a loved one can be a challenge. Many people are not sure of what qualities make up a good adult diaper and what products will effectively manage your condition. There are varying types of incontinence. Some people suffer from urinary incontinence with just a low amount of stress incontinence where others may have fecal incontinence. With many products on the market, how do you know which incontinence products are right for you? Here is a simple buyers guide to help you understand the different incontinence products and which ones to use.

Depends Pull-ups Work Well For Embarrassment!

Depends Pull-ups
If you're embarrassed about your incontinence, and are repulsed by the idea of wearing adult diapers, just remember that one out of ten elderly people suffer from some sort of incontinence, so you are not alone! Adult incontinence undergarments come in a variety of sizes, shapes, fits, differing absorbency, differing leakage protection, and some can even be connected to any of your own underwear, so you don't have to worry about anyone seeing the embarrassing garment. One of the top brands on the market is Depends. The Depends pull-up styles come in different sizes and types to suit your lifestyle needs.

Depends for women often come in diapers and pads. These products are made specifically to fit the female’s body. The type of incontinence you suffer from will also help to determine the Depends product you choose. There are a variety of urine loss amounts, which contribute to your choice of the absorbency level. Keep track of how often you are dealing with urine loss through the day and how much urine you lose so you can choose the right absorbency level.

Incontinence in Men – How Coffee and Other Food Items May be Doing More Harm than Good

The best part of waking up...
For many of us, coffee is a lifesaver. Unable to function without its caffeine-injecting properties, people worldwide have made coffee a prominent part of their daily routine – drinking it in the morning to wake up, in the afternoon for an extra jolt, and sometimes even at night as part of dessert.

But what if making coffee a part of your daily routine also introduced another “constant” into your life – something not as pleasant? Recent studies are showing that coffee could in fact be linked to incontinence.

Depends For Men – Samples To Try Before You Buy

There are many different companies that manufacture adult diapers. Depends is one of the few companies that allows you try their products for a nominal handling charge. This article will educate you on how to get samples to try. People with medical problems often experience incontinence. Those who are bedridden, in wheelchairs, or are impaired might not recognize when they need to go to the bathroom or can reach the bathroom in a timely manner.

Incontinence Products, Diet and Bladder Control. How They Interact

It’s said that the first and often most proactive step against managing incontinence is realizing there is an issue– and then taking steps to resolve it. This includes engaging in behavior that decreases the likelihood of incontinence, or decreasing the extremity of the occurrence.

Here are a 4 specific steps to take for anyone who has had troubles with incontinence that can make living life with a leaky bladder a little easier.

Women and Incontinence: Prevalence doesn’t Always Mean Knowledge

Women and Incontinence
Prevalence doesn’t always translate to awareness – especially when it comes to women and incontinence.  Similarly, even though incontinence among women is more common than it is men, that fact is not a surefire indicator that the condition is easier for women to manage.

As is the case with any medical issue, “help” requires seeking proper advice and taking part in actions and activities that make living with it easier.

With incontinence, that means talking to your doctor once you discover symptoms.  Upon doing so, you’ll likely be instructed to keep a log of urinary habits; tracking how often you’re urinating, when throughout the day urination is taking place, and note.  Here is an example of a voiding diary.

Incontinence Products: 3 Mistakes You Can Avoid That Will Save You Money and Frustration When Buying Incontinence Supplies

Most people waste $130 when buying incontinence products
Did you know that the average person buying incontinence products for the first time, wastes $130 on average in a trial and error mode trying to find the right product to meet their or a loved one's needs. They typically purchase 8 bags of incontinence supplies that don’t meet their needs. They make the following 3 mistakes which you can now avoid.

A Caregivers Guide to Incontinence

Becoming a caregiver for an elderly person is a huge undertaking that can be stressful and full of daily challenges. The requirements of the position are intensified if the elderly person you care for suffers from bowel incontinence. In order to properly care for this individual you must understand the requirements of the condition, as well as the products that are available to make your life easier. While caring for the person you must also understand that this is a medical condition that causes extreme embarrassment for the afflicted person, in most cases. Therefore providing care that helps maintain a sense of dignity is essential for providing superior care.

How To Ensure You Have The Proper Incontinence Supplies

There is no doubt that having the proper incontinence supplies is essential if you are the caregiver for a person who suffers from this problem. There are a large variety of incontinence products on the market today, so in order to choose the right ones you should understand the features and options that are available. 

Depends Diapers For Your Loved One

Choosing Depends 

Many people suffer from an embarrassing condition known as incontinence. This is when the body will release urine un-expectantly.  Preventing leakage is a very important part of incontinence control and will help you feel confident if you have to wear diapers while in public. Incontinence is an unfortunate medical condition that can lead to embarrassment for many people. Choosing Depends adult diapers will help you avoid leakage control that will cause embarrassment in public. Leakage control through Depends’ special absorption technology will help protect against unwanted leaks.

Choosing Depends Protective Underwear

Choosing Depends 

The good news for those that suffer from incontinence is that there are protective products for everyone. Depends products are now more thin, reliable, and comfortable than ever before. Depends can help you with chronic and regular incontinence issues. The most important part about determining the product that you need is finding the best absorbency protection for your protective underwear. Extra coverage doesn’t guarantee more protection. The highest absorption factor will guard against leaks.

Etiquette For Disposing of Incontinence Products

Being faced with incontinence is a medical issue that thousands of people are faced with. Though it affects the elderly in the highest percentage, this problem can affect a person at any stage of life. It can be the result of surgery, bowel issues, and other contributing factors such as cancer and radiation. In the past, managing this problem of bowel incontinence meant living in seclusion or wearing a bulky, embarrassing diaper in public. However, as new products are developed, many afflicted individuals are able to live active, normal lives while handling their problem with discretion, which includes the disposal of the used products.

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Buying The Best With Tranquility Adult Diapers

Tranquility Adult Diapers

Are you looking for a quality adult diapers that will be able to provide you with protection against incontinence problems? Finding the best option you there can be difficult and it comes down to researching various brands and knowing what you like. One of the best brands out there for incontinence is Tranquility adult diapers.

Tranquility adult diapers provide you with an extra layer of odor protection and shield protection to prevent against the problems associated with incontinence. One of the nice things about buying Tranquility diapers is that they are sold in large quantities (typically over 80) and come in varying sizes. This allows you to find the ideal fit and for the right price as well. Comparing tranquility to other brands, you do not have as large of a selection to choose from but they are high quality. Tranquility diapers are often sold by vendors rather than being sold directly from the company. This helps to make the cost lower for the customers that want to buy them with other incontinence supplies such as bed pads.

Buying Incontinence Supplies For Your Loved One

Buying Incontinence Supplies For Your Loved One
Are you looking for the right incontinence supplies to help you manage urinary incontinence? When it comes to dealing with incontinence, it is important to track how frequently you are having episodes and to see how much urine loss you have. This will help you to find the right type of incontinence supplies that can absorb all of the urine and will protect you from being embarrassed in public. Buying incontinence supplies doesn’t need to be a difficult process. There are many websites that offer helpful product finder tools and will match you up directly with incontinence supplies that are right for your needs. If you are caring for a loved one, it is easy to use the same tool in order to plug in their information and find out how much absorbency you will need to look for with adult diapers and other supplies.

Attends Diapers Give You The Right Protection

Attends Diapers Give You The Right Protection

Managing urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing condition. Roughly 25 Million people suffer from incontinence in some form. With so many people suffering out there, it is important to seek out treatment for the issues you are having. Always speak to your doctor about incontinence, especially if it is a new development in your life. Attends diapers can provide you with welcome relief over your condition.  Urinary incontinence is a condition where the suffer will have loss of bladder control. It can be emotionally upsetting as it is quite embarrassing, especially if your body releases urine when you are out in a public setting.

The CareGiver Partnership Announces ‘Get Back Into Life’ February Sweepstakes

February product sweepstakes announced!

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

We’re happy to announce our February prize package is 14 meals from Mom’s Meals, delivered to the winner’s doorstep. Here’s how Mom’s Meals can help fight senior malnutrition and how you can enter to win this prize package.

Attends Adult Diapers For Incontinence

Attends Adult Diapers For Incontinence
Did you know that incontinence is not an issue that needs to bother you for the duration of your adult life? Attends makes great adult diapers and other products that can help you deal with incontinence. Incontinence is a very common problem that impacts older adults. With the help of adult diapers, you can live a normal life and overcome your incontinence issues. This article will describe how Attends adult diapers can be an active part of program to help overcome incontinence. When you have a medical condition, your ability to control your urination and bowel movements can be impacted. Getting past these issues requires adult diapers.

Attends makes many different varieties of adult diapers. Adult diapers can help treat incontinence if it is part of a physical therapy plan. There are exercises that you can do to help get past incontinence. These are called Kegel exercises and they increase the ability of your pelvic muscles. Just by tightening and relaxing muscles in your abdomen, you can learn how to sense when you need to go to the bathroom again.

Addressing Dimensions of Wellness Can Help Seniors Fight Seasonal Depression

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

Good nutrition is a wellness tool.
Seasonal depression, which can range from mild to debilitating, can be addressed, and in many cases, managed, by studying the dimensions of wellness and how they apply to the senior’s life.