I’m Not Incontinent. I Just Spritz

Light bladder leakage sounds better than incontinence. 
            Sudden wetness sounds better than bladder leakage. 
                                  Spritzing sounds better than sudden wetness.

It seems like everyone is incontinent, has light bladder leaks, light leaks, is a member of the one in three like me club or is well…spritzing.

The facts are that about 40 million women do spritz. The medical term is stress urinary incontinence or SUI and up to 20% of women 18 to 24 are affected. Mainly it occurs in women under 55.  There is a certain embarrassment factor and seen as not something worthy to share with their physician. There are a number of other forms of incontinence including continuous, overflow and urge. For more information on the differences, visit bladder control basics.

It’s a good idea to keep a personal diary of your fluid intake and voiding history and creating a list of medications you take. Here is a voiding diary.

There is new information, new products and new expertise. There are nurses who specialize in continence care – Certified Continence Care Nurses (CCCN). Compared to a regular nurse, the CCCN nurse considers the issues of continence in a holistic manner and prefer ‘natural’ methods to control or manage the state, as opposed to medicine.

As about 5,000 boomer women turn 65 every single day, we might be replacing yoga with kegel exercises (a bladder muscle exercise). Yoga, by the way can cause you to ‘spritz’-- that's for sure!

Fashion And Feminine Hygiene Now Coexist

SmartwearPanty - Viva
Fannypants stylish and eco-friendly.
For women with light incontinence, a great solution may be
Fanny Pants. They are fairly new to the market, and offer an innovative solution with a waterproof gusset with pockets to hold a super absorbent smartwearPad. They are designed to fit comfortably and stylishly, and provide the benefits of normalcy and leak protection.Various sizes, colors and styles. 

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