5 Ways to Thrive: How Caregivers Can Build Support

Being a good caregiver requires self care, too.

November is National Family Caregiver’s Month, and we’re kicking it off with five ways any caregiver can grow a thriving support network.

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Poise Impressa - A Game Changer. Updated October 3, 2015

Prevents bladder leaks rather than absorbing them.
Poise Impressa has been in test in Kansas City since September 2014.
Kimberly-Clark is rolling this new product nationally with the first couponing support on September 13. It is already in many stores including Walmart and Target.

We believe Impressa will create a new segment of non-absorbent over the counter devices that use mechanical means to prevent, not absorb stress urinary incontinence (SUI).
Based on results from the Kansas City test, we believe Poise Impressa revenue could grow to $75 million over time.  The trial kit will initially be the key revenue driver as women identify the correct size which best fits their anatomy.

October Prizes Help You Prevail Over Incontinence

Enter to win both these prizes from Prevail.

It’s our favorite time of month: announcing the “Helping You Get On With Life” sweepstakes prizes! This month, our readers can enter to win a two-prize bundle from Prevail incontinence products. The Prevail brand stands for hope, trust and dignity — the perfect complement to our mission at The CareGiver Partnership, which is to help people live life with normalcy and dignity.