How to Choose The Right Incontinence Pad

A guide to choosing the right pad for your needs.
Incontinence pads are similar to a period pad, but far more absorbent. They are designed for light bladder leakage. They adhere to cloth underwear with an adhesive strip, and can be used with disposable underwear. They are designed to prevent odor, and catch leaks to keep skin dry, and prevent embarrassment to the wearer.

Adult Diaper Review and Testing

We offer adult diaper review and testing. 
Those buying incontinence products for the first time waste $130 on average in trial and error mode. Time and money are spent before they find what works best for them. No one likes to waste time or money, but when it comes to adult diapers, there is not a clear-cut winner on “best” product. It is often a case of individual preference.

Manufacturers are continually developing products and making changes. New products are being invented, and changes made to fit the needs of those with incontinence. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, and figure out what products are best for our customers, we offer adult diaper review and testing.

Want to Create Awareness of Dementia?

Create awarenss of LBD this October. 
By Elizabeth Patrick
Marketing and Communications Manager
Lewy Body Dementia Association

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Lewy Body Dementia Association (LBDA), the only nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to supporting LBD families through outreach, education and research. LBDA has launched its nationwide Lewy body dementia (LBD) awareness movement, “A Month to Remember,” and invites volunteers to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the organization by joining the movement and “Standing Strong with LBDA” to build awareness for LBD in their communities in October.

The CareGiver Partnership Again Turns Customer Research Into Service Excellence

The CareGiver Partnership's team of Product Specialists

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

With research showing consumers most value knowledgeable service, here at The CareGiver Partnership, we’ve applied this concept to continually improve Personalized Attention(SM) — our own brand of customer service that has again received top ratings.

Getting the Best Incontinence Products

Getting the Best Incontinence Products

When we’re asked “Which is the best incontinence product, our answer is (no pun intended), it depends.” And no, we do not mean Depend (the brand), although they are a great brand, and may be the best for you. There are many factors that play a part in the best product for YOU. It is an individual choice, and based on preference and need.

A Caregiver's Guide to Incontinence Products

A Caregiver's Guide to Incontinence Products
If you are a caregiver in the position of helping someone with incontinence, it is important to understand the various options and products available, and how best to protect a loved one’s skin, dignity, and home.

The following is a Caregiver’s guide to incontinence products, and a list of questions to ask in order to get the best products for your loved one’s needs:

Best Adult Diaper For Active People With Incontinence

One of a few product recommendations
for active people with incontinence
Incontinence is a condition that affects millions of Americans. It is one of the often unmentioned side effects of prostate surgery, a common problem in women who have given birth, as well as many others. Over 200 Million people worldwide suffer from bladder control. 

While having incontinence is far more common that most believe, it does not mean that it doesn’t impact daily life. 40% of men and women find that their social and work life is negatively impacted by their incontinence, and that it is increasingly difficult to stay active. The following is a review at some of the best adult diapers for active people who have incontinence.

A Review of the Best Incontinence Products For Men Following Prostate Surgery

Find the best incontinence products without wasting money.
Prostate surgery is a very common surgery in the US. 240,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. And while most doctors claim a 92% success rate or higher, they often do not tell men about all of the potential side effects of the surgery, such as potential and likely incontinence.

What is Lewy body dementia (LBD)?

Learn more about LBD and LBDA.
By Elizabeth Patrick, Marketing and Communications Manager
Lewy Body Dementia Association

What is Lewy body dementia (LBD)?
Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a common, progressive brain disease that affects thinking, movement, behavior and sleep. Approximately 1.3 million Americans have LBD, but many go un-diagnosed because some doctors are unfamiliar with LBD. Most people with LBD will see several different doctors over a year or two before receiving a diagnosis of Lewy body dementia.

Multidimensional Approach Can Help Men Better Manage Incontinence After Prostate Surgery

Treating incontinence is a collaboration.

by Dianna Malkowski, Physician Assistant & Nutritionist

Up to half of men will experience bladder leakage following prostate surgery. Fortunately, there are several approaches to incontinence management that are easy to put into practice and proven to be effective.

Best Products For Male Incontinence

Male incontinence is extremely common.
Incontinence, in all its forms, is a stigmatized, under-treated, under-reported condition that many mistakenly believe is a natural part of aging. In fact, two-thirds of men and women ages 30-70 have never discussed bladder health with their doctor. Only one/eighth of those who have experience loss of bladder control have been diagnosed.

A Review of the Best Pull-On Underwear for Incontinence

Pull on underwear have come a long way. 

Pull ons are the newest style of incontinence products, introduced in 1998 by Depend.
They are an incontinence product that pulls up and down just like traditional underwear, but provides protection, comfort, and ease of use for those with incontinence.

Pull on underwear have come a long way, evolving from white pull ons that were not gender specific to a range of gender specific options which look and fit much more like real underwear. Discretion and protection have both improved over time.

A Review of the Best Pads for Lighter Bladder Control

Navigating the world of pads or LBL can be confusing. 
Light bladder leakage, or incontinence, is a common ailment. In fact, about 17% of women and 16% men over 18 years old suffer from LBL, which is about 12.2 million people in the US. That number increases to over 20% in adults over 40. The symptoms can be only light leakage when not reaching a toilet fast enough, or severe and regular leakage. It is twice as common for women to suffer LBL than men.

Most Absorbent Incontinence Products For Men Following Prostate Surgery

Incontinence following prostate surgery is a common medical condition.
Prostate surgery is a common surgery performed in the US with a 92% success rate. While that sounds amazing, one of the common side effects of the surgery is urinary incontinence (UI). Not all doctors mention to their male patients that they may experience incontinence following prostate surgery. Although somewhat embarrassing, incontinence following prostate surgery is a common medical condition, and usually treatable. Discuss treatment options with your doctor, and use absorbent incontinence products to manage the effects.

Heat-Related Illness Prevention for the Elderly

Try these easy tips for staying cool.

by Dianna Malkowski, Physician Assistant & Nutritionist

As the nation heats up, folks age 65 and older are more prone to heat stress than younger people. Here are tips for preventing heat-related illnesses and stay hydrated while managing incontinence.

Top Seven Adult Diapers

Learn more about the Top Seven Adult Diapers.
Adult diapers, also referred to as briefs, are a full garment providing maximum protection against urinary or bowel incontinence. Because they are the most absorbent product on the market, they are great for heavy urinary and fecal incontinence. They are secured with readjustable tapes or Velcro tabs. Unfortunately, there are more than 100 brands, styles, absorbencies and sizes available. The right incontinence products are often determined by personal preference, but here are the top seven adult diapers.

Best Adult Diaper For Managing Fecal Incontinence

Get the best adult diapers to help manage fecal incontinence.
Managing incontinence in general can be a challenging, embarrassing, and overwhelming task. However, managing fecal incontinence is a very different challenge than urinary incontinence. It is not just a matter of finding the right adult diaper for the person, it means addressing physical, social, and emotional concerns. 

Top Rated Incontinence Products

Don't get confused and frustrated finding incontinence products.
When it comes to incontinence products, there are hundreds of different options, types, brands, absorbencies, and styles to choose from. It can be a confusing and frustrating process to find the top rated incontinence products that offer the protection, comfort, and discretion needed. We are going to break it down for you, the top rated incontinence products are best found by type, absorbency, and fit. Here’s what you should know:

Top Rated Pull-On Underwear for Incontinence

Top Rated Pull-On Underwear for Incontinence
Pull on underwear for incontinence is a great option for the individual that wants protection, comfort, and discretion. Pull-on underwear pull up and down like traditional underwear, but provide protection to the wearer. They come with cloth-like stretch panels for superior comfort, and tear away sides for easy removal even when you are not at home. 

Understanding and Choosing Incontinence Products

Three steps to choosing the right incontinence products.
There are three basic steps to understanding and choosing incontinence products that will meet your needs and provide you with the protection you need.

First, identify what type of incontinence you have. Many products are designed for certain types of incontinence. They are specially designed to meet the unique needs and challenges that type of incontinence presents. The following are the types of possible incontinence:

The CareGiver Partnership Announces 2 July Sweepstakes Prizes

The CareGiver Partnership announces its July prize bundle!
by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

The CareGiver Partnership is giving away two prizes in July for its “Helping You  Get
On With Life” monthly sweepstakes. Readers can enter to win a reaching tool and a case of hygienic gloves.

What Are The Most Absorbent Pads for Light Bladder Leakage For Women?

Most absorbent pads for LBL
Consumer research shows that over 25% of women experience regular LBL, many of whom do not seek medical advice or treatment for it. Absorbent Pads, which are fairly similar to menstruation pads, but far more absorbent, are a great option for women with LBL. However, there are at least 70 different pad choices, which can make choosing the best pads for LBL difficult at best.

Depression and Parkinson's: How playing games can help stave off depression in Parkinson's patients

The R.O.S. Therapy System
puts the Parkinson's patient back in control.
Depression is common in people who have Parkinson’s. In fact, decreased feelings of self-worth, stigmatization, loneliness and depression are all common for those suffering from a progressive disease like Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s affects more than just the one who has the disease, but loved ones and caregivers as well. Seeing the physical and sometimes mental decline of a loved one can be heart wrenching. Especially when there is nothing that can be done to prevent it or stop it.