What Are The Most Absorbent Pads for Light Bladder Leakage For Women?

Most absorbent pads for LBL
Consumer research shows that over 25% of women experience regular LBL, many of whom do not seek medical advice or treatment for it. Absorbent Pads, which are fairly similar to menstruation pads, but far more absorbent, are a great option for women with LBL. However, there are at least 70 different pad choices, which can make choosing the best pads for LBL difficult at best.

When it comes to pads, there are different brands, sizes and absorbencies to choose from, begging the question: How can you possibly determine which is the most absorbent or the best for you? It is not like the manufacturers make it easy to compare brands. None of them use the same terminology. Some say “maximum” others say “super” or “heavy duty”, and it is hard to know how they compare. Is “super” the same as “maximum” or “ultimate”? For example, the following names are all used to talk about essentially the same product: Maximum, Ultimate, insert pad, shaped pad, Super Maxi, Forte, Heavy, Super, Day Heavy, Day Moderate, Night, Day Plus and Night Super.

As you can see, when looking for the larger, more absorbent versions of the top brands for incontinence products, the confusing jargon can leave you frustrated. We are going to cut through that confusion. The following are the most absorbent pad products from each brand. It is important to remember that there are differences, for example, some are shaped, some positioned for night use (although any large pad is good for that) and some are made from 100% cotton for sensitive skin. However, when looking for absorbency, these are the pad options to consider: 

  • Poise - Maximum and Ultimate
  • Poise Hourglass - Maximum and Ultimate – What’s the difference between these and just “Poise”? These are good for women who carry a few extra pounds because they fit better and won’t bunch.
  • Prevail - Maximum and Ultimate
  • TENA - Heavy, Heavy Long and Ultimate Overnight
  • Attends - Insert Pads and Shaped Pads
  • Abena - Plus, Super, Super Maxi and Forte
  • Dry Comfort - Day Heavy, Day Moderate and Night
  • Wings Pads - Day Plus and Night Super
A great way to make sure you are getting the proper absorbency for your incontinence level is to keep a voiding diary. Not only will it help your doctor get a clear picture of your incontinence, but will help you with product selection. Print out a voiding diary. 

Consumers buying incontinence products the first time can easily be confused by which product, brand, style, size or absorbency to purchase. And once the package is opened, they can’t be returned, so mistakes can be costly. Here are some helpful resources to help you avoid this problem:

1. Explanation of types

Don't waste money trying to figure out the right brand, product type, size or absorbency. 

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