Incontinence Products: 3 Mistakes You Can Avoid That Will Save You Money and Frustration When Buying Incontinence Supplies

Most people waste $130 when buying incontinence products
Did you know that the average person buying incontinence products for the first time, wastes $130 on average in a trial and error mode trying to find the right product to meet their or a loved one's needs. They typically purchase 8 bags of incontinence supplies that don’t meet their needs. They make the following 3 mistakes which you can now avoid.

Mistake # 1 - failure to choose the right incontinence product type such as a pad, pull-on, brief, shield, guard, bed pad, adult diaper or refastenable underwear. How would a person buying for the first time know what to buy? The pharmacists are too busy filling prescriptions and the 18 year old stock clerks really aren’t familiar with these types of products. Plus there is the discretion factor.  So who can you talk to who's knowledgeable and trustworthy?

To avoid this issue, call one of the nice ladies at The CareGiver Partnership.  They are all knowledgeable about the 500 incontinence products we offer.  Call today - 800-985-1353.

Mistake # 2 - failure to choose the right size.  If a product does not fit, it will not work, no matter how absorbent it is.  The manufacturers offer a range of confusing sizes such as junior, small, medium, large, extra large or bariatric.  Adding to the confusion is that the sizing between brands is not comparative, so its virtually impossible to know which size is right for you. Some are waist sized while others depend on hip sizing (no pun intended).  One is either/or.

To avoid the sizing mistake, call or email one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists at or 800-985-1353 and they will help you choose the right size to meet your needs.

Mistake # 3 - failure to choose the right absorbency. Manufacturers use 40 terms just to describe the size and absorbency -- of pads alone! They use terms like heavy, large, maximum, medium, micro, midi, light, light extra, plus, ultimate, ultra thin more more.  And, there is a laundry list of other descriptors for the other 10 styles of incontinence products such as briefs, pull-on underwear, shields, guards, etc.  Plus they are continually changing what they call them, modifying sizes and more.

To avoid the issue of purchasing the wrong absorbency, call one of our nice ladies today at 800-985-1353 or go online and use our Incontinence Product Finder. We can help you decipher all these terms and take the confusion out of it so you avoid the costly mistake of buying products which don’t meet your needs.

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Try Before You Buy Sample Service
To avoid each of the 3 most common mistakes highlighted above, take advantage of 
The CareGiver Partnership’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ sample service where you can choose from over 100 different styles, sizes, absorbencies or brands of incontinence products for a nominal $3.49 handling charge.  We send you 2 to 4 pieces of the products you wish to try as well as ordering information. You’ll avoid the costly $130 mistake of buying products which don’t meet your needs while eliminating the frustration of having to make multiple trips back to the store.  When you consider the stores may not have what you need, the high cost of gas today and the value of your time, convenient home delivery may may sense for you.

Convenient Home Delivery
Try our convenient home delivery service, and if you elect to take advantage of our optional automatic scheduled delivery service - Never Run Out, you’ll save $8.00 on your first order and 5% on all subsequent orders. Most customers find a case every 30 days is about right for them, but we are happy to help you determine just the right delivery interval to meet your needs based on the product that is right for you and your usage of it.  This can be accomplished in a few minutes either over the phone or if you prefer, online using our Never Run Out tool (NRO) which explains how to set up automatic delivery.  Learn More.

Don’t worry - you can modify, change, delay or cancel your NRO order anytime - without any penalty or cost. To learn more, call 800-985-1353 for a free brochure describing Never Run Out which you can evaluate in the comfort of your home or visit Never Run Out. To get started today, call 800-985-1353 and talk with one of our nice ladies.

Call us.  We're here to help you.
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