Depends Pull-ups Work Well For Embarrassment!

Depends Pull-ups
If you're embarrassed about your incontinence, and are repulsed by the idea of wearing adult diapers, just remember that one out of ten elderly people suffer from some sort of incontinence, so you are not alone! Adult incontinence undergarments come in a variety of sizes, shapes, fits, differing absorbency, differing leakage protection, and some can even be connected to any of your own underwear, so you don't have to worry about anyone seeing the embarrassing garment. One of the top brands on the market is Depends. The Depends pull-up styles come in different sizes and types to suit your lifestyle needs.

Depends for women often come in diapers and pads. These products are made specifically to fit the female’s body. The type of incontinence you suffer from will also help to determine the Depends product you choose. There are a variety of urine loss amounts, which contribute to your choice of the absorbency level. Keep track of how often you are dealing with urine loss through the day and how much urine you lose so you can choose the right absorbency level.

As a caregiver you may encounter different types of incontinence products. Here are some incontinence products that you may need to research if you are caring for a loved one:
  • Catheters (These are tubes that you stick in your urinary tract): The advantages are that these tubes can be less noticeable or less embarrassing than diapers or pads, they are easier to clean up and don't require you to change diapers or pads regularly, and most imp. The disadvantages are that they are very uncomfortable and painful and can be even more painful when inserted or taken out, these are not intended for home use usually, and are not very mobile, and most importantly you are at risk for infection when you use these. Make sure to use gloves and wash both of the areas, the tube and your hands before you attempt to put it in.
  • Pull ups: easy to get on and off, pull up just like you would with regular underpants. These can handle mild to moderate leakage and are available at many different stores.
  • Belted Undergarments: Attach by a elastic belt and cover the back and front sides. They allow users to move about freely but the elastic belt can be very tight and uncomfortable. Best for mild or moderate leakage.
  • Adhesive Pads: These come in lots of different shapes, and designs. Specially designed pads are made for males and females. These pads attach to the inside of your underwear by adhesive strips. These usually can only handle mild incontinence, but some designs are good enough to handle moderate incontinence.
  • Adult Diapers: These are definitely the best incontinence product if you are experiencing heavy leaking or incontinence. The thing is these are embarrassing to wear, and many users are afraid of people noticing them wearing them. Fortunately the Depends brand has many styles that are discrete and easy for you to hide. Having confidence in the protection level again will really boost your self-esteem and the stress and worry you may suffer from if you are dealing with incontinence.
When you're dealing with incontinence in a hospital, make sure you clean up well after each episode, and deodorize the room so that the patient remains comfortable. If you're thinking about buying adult pull ups, remember there are other types of incontinence care items that you can use. Try out many different samples of the Depends pull ups and underwear to see which fits best to your body. With a large variety of styles and options to choose from, it will be easy to find a product that fits securely and doesn’t pinch your skin.

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