The CareGiver Partnership Announces ‘Get Back Into Life’ February Sweepstakes

February product sweepstakes announced!

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

We’re happy to announce our February prize package is 14 meals from Mom’s Meals, delivered to the winner’s doorstep. Here’s how Mom’s Meals can help fight senior malnutrition and how you can enter to win this prize package.
In January, we announced we’re giving away a prize package every month this year through our “Get Back Into Life” contest. The February prize package is 14 doorstep-delivered meals from Mom’s Meals. To enter, participants need only e-mail or mail a short statement by the end of the month explaining how they or a loved one would benefit from the prize.

With millions of malnourished seniors in the United States, Mom’s Meals helps address the problems of seniors not eating due to poor appetite, dietary restrictions or decreased mobility. Typically after the holidays, we talk to a lot of caregivers who are shocked to learn their loved ones are not eating healthfully. Our country’s seniors cannot live on pizza delivery or nutrition drinks alone. Mom’s Meals delivers great-tasting, nutritionally balanced, fresh meals right to their homes.

A family owned and operated business, Mom’s Meals uses fresh ingredients and meals stay fresh for two weeks upon delivery. Each meal is USDA approved, nutritionally labeled with a use-by date, and includes microwave heating instructions.

Included in its over 70 meal choices are specialty meals, including heart healthy, diabetic friendly, lower sodium, lower fat and saturated fat, carb controlled, gluten free and vegetarian. The company recently introduced a renal-friendly menu to help those living with kidney disease. None of Mom’s Meals contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils or added trans fats.

Mom’s Meals are delivered via FedEx and their own Mom's Meals delivery trucks, and are delivered fresh, not frozen. The prize package, which includes all shipping costs, is valued at $98.81. To learn more about the two easy ways to enter and preview upcoming giveaways, visit our “Get Back Into Life” giveaway page.

The CareGiver Partnership created the “Get Back Into Life” monthly sweepstakes to raise awareness of the many product and service solutions available among the caregiver community. Items highlighted and given away each month help seniors live more independently and gracefully in their homes. Prize packages include premium-quality incontinence products, a sanitary disposal system, a big-button amplified telephone, a Rollator, skin care products and more.

Visit Mom’s Meals to learn more about how it nourishes independence. For more information and tips on fighting senior malnutrition, read 9 Ways to Get Someone to Eat.

The CareGiver Partnership is a national direct-to-consumer retailer of home healthcare products for incontinence, diabetes, nutrition support and more. In its sixth year of providing products and services that help caregivers and loved ones maintain personal dignity, the company also offers an online library of more than 1,200 family caregiver resources and personal service by experts in caregiving. Call 1-800-985-1353 or visit online at


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