Different Incontinence Products To Use

Different Incontinence Products To Use
Trying to find the best incontinence products for yourself or a loved one can be a challenge. Many people are not sure of what qualities make up a good adult diaper and what products will effectively manage your condition. There are varying types of incontinence. Some people suffer from urinary incontinence with just a low amount of stress incontinence where others may have fecal incontinence. With many products on the market, how do you know which incontinence products are right for you? Here is a simple buyers guide to help you understand the different incontinence products and which ones to use.

For individuals that would like the traditional feeling of underwear, a reusable cloth diaper is a great option. The cloth diapers look and feel like boxer briefs and they can be used in conjunction with some incontinence pads. The cloth diapers are easier on your budget needs since you can wash them in the sink and you don’t need to head back to the store to purchase new diapers in bulk! The reusable cloth diaper may or may not have a slot for you to insert washable or disposable pads. The pads are affordable compared to the cost of adult diapers if you will need several changings each day. The reusable cloth diapers are commonly used because they are not only budget savvy but they are softer. Typically the cloth diaper is made out of cotton or flannel material, making it breathable. This is always a welcome thing to people that are hoping to limit the odor issues that arise when wearing incontinence products. Air needs to circulate to the genitals to prevent the odor but to keep the area dry to avoid skin rashes and infections from occurring.

Disposable Adult Diapers
Using disposable adult diapers is commonly preferred by a number of people. The disposable diapers that are popular include the following brands:
·         Abena
·         Depends
·         Tranquility

There are many other brands to choose from and some generic brands will be able to work well. Compare various brands based on their level of absorbency along with the cost and the way the diapers fit. When you have the right fit, you have selected a good adult diaper. It helps to find a diaper that is sung against the skin but not one that will rub against your skin. If it rubs, it can cause a skin rash and other irritation. Cleansing the skin is also important in order to prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI). This can be a painful and irritating condition. While adult diapers are commonly used for incontinence, they can add up. The cost of throwing away several diapers a day is what often pushes people to consider using the incontinence pads or the washable incontinence supplies.

Using incontinence pads are similar to that of maxi pads. They can be changed out each time you soil them and they come in a variety of options. Many people like them as they are easy to use and they can be quite thick or thin. The nice part is that you can use the incontinence pads with your regular underwear.

Where to find incontinence products?
To have the largest selection of incontinence products available, shop online. There are many vendors that can provide you with bulk products, making them more affordable. The other nice thing about ordering incontinence products online is that they will be shipped discreetly to your home. This saves you a lot of embarrassment from buying a package of Depends in the grocery store! Shop around to find the best prices on incontinence products and start enjoying your life again!

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