What do I do now? Proper Etiquette for Disposing of Incontinence Products

There is no need to worry about changing your
incontinence product, no matter where you are. 
Marge quickly entered the restroom at her office. Not only was she going in to change her incontinence product but she needed to dispose of her adult diaper in a discreet manner. She didn’t want her co-workers to know she was wearing incontinence products. She was afraid that not only would the sight of an incontinence product in the garbage give away her secret but even if she was able to tuck it further down in the garbage then the odor might give it away, anyway. 

Today, there is no need to worry about changing your incontinence product no matter where you are. There are a number of incontinence supplies which can help you do this both discreetly and comfortably. One of these is the Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags. This type of incontinence supplies will allow you to change your incontinence product and dispose of it without anyone knowing. There are a number of reasons to use Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags. Here are a few of them-
  • Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags are ideal for discreet and hygienic disposal of incontinence products. There is no need to worry about how to dispose of your adult diaper. You can simply use one of these disposal bags to put your incontinence product in, leave it in the garbage and not have to worry about anyone knowing. 
  • Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags have a fresh scent which will help to prevent unpleasant odors - hence the name. This means you can discreetly dispose of your incontinence product without any lingering odors. The disposal bag camouflages the odor of urine and feces and leaving behind only a fresh scent. 
  • Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags are highly economical. There are 250 disposal bags per roll. This means they are an affordable way to deal with disposing of your incontinence product whether you are at home, at work, out socializing or staying at friends or families homes. You can take care of changing without any lingering odors. You can take Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags with you wherever you go in order to be prepared for any needed changes.
  • Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags are able to fit all different sizes of incontinence products. Many times users of incontinence supplies worry their incontinence product won’t fit in a disposal bag. The Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags measure 9 inches long with 4" handles x 6" wide pleated sides that expand to 12 inches wide. This means whether you use a small or an extra large incontinence product these bags can work for you.
  • Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags are degradable which means users are being ecologically respectful. Far too often disposal bags don’t disintegrate which means they can harm the environment. Fresh Sacks Scented Disposal Bags will break down leaving a much lighter footprint on the planet.
Choosing Incontinence Products is Confusing

In a recent study, Kimberly-Clark, makers of Depend and Poise brands, discovered those buying incontinence products for the first time, waste $130 on average in trial and error mode. That’s about 10 bags of products which can’t be returned, once opened. By using the Free & Easy Incontinence Product Finder you can reduce the chances of this happening to you. If you have questions call 800-985-1353 and speak with one of our knowledgeable female product specialists.

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